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I have been a flower essence practitioner since 1990, and I work with Bach Flower Essences, FES flower essences, and Wild Earth Animal Essences. The articles page lists many articles about flower and other essences, including descriptions of individual flower essences, general information about usage, and questionnaires to help you choose the most appropriate flower essence, and much more.

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A popular email course since 2005 that has reached hundred of people all over the world, Bach Flower Remedies: A User-Friendly Guide is now available as an ebook for $7.00 at Amazon. It will soon be available at iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

  • Full descriptions of each Remedy
  • Provides useful comparisons between similar-sounding Remedies
  • Quick Picks, a fast guide to help you narrow down your choices
  • Detailed instructions teach you how to choose Remedies for yourself and others

For more information, go here.

At Amazon for $7.00
Or Get the Kindle version for $1.99

Read more about this book and link to other e-versions of
Animals Have Feelings, Too:
Bach Flower Remedies for Cats and Dogs

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Too many cats and dogs have suffered from abuse, abandonment, and other issues that make them difficult adoptees--or easy returns. I wrote this book for all those who are committed to making good homes for such animals. The material is easy to understand and to apply. People all over the world have read the ebook version, and they and their animal companions have benefitted from it.

Read about the book Here. Read an excerpt Here.

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The Bach Flower Essences

When I first began working with the Bach Flower Essencies in 1990 I became so convinced of its value that I went on to study it in depth and became a certified Bach Flower Essences practitioner.

Over time I've become even more devoted to using flower essences to release emotional blockages and activate one's higher abilities and soul purpose, and ever more grateful to Dr. Bach for discovering this system and sharing it with the human, animal, and plant world.

I am happy to answer your general questions about flower essences. I also do flower essence consultations for people and pets.

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