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Bach Flower Remedy Course FAQ

This is the beginning of a FAQ I am compiling as I receive questions about the course.

Who Is This Course For?

The Bach Flower Remedies Course is for anyone who would like to learn more about the Bach Flower Remedies. Students range from those who want to be able to enjoy the Remedies themselves and to recommend them to friends and family members to massage therapists, animal communicators, equine masseurs, counselors and therapists, and those in a range of other helping professions.

Will I Get Certification?

I receive many inquiries about certification upon completion of the Bach Flower Remedies Course. In answering this question, I need to explain what certification means.

At present, the only organization I know of that gives people official certification as Bach Flower Remedies pracittioners is the Bach Centre in England and its affiliates. Their level one basic course costs $310 and is supposed to take 40 hours to complete. They have several other levels of training. For more information, please see this page.

Any other certification is technically unofficial. I have been practicing without Bach Flower Centre certification since 1990, and this "lack" hasn't hampered my ability to work with and recommend the Remedies. Your success as a practitioner will be largely determined by your willingness to study the remedies deeply and your ability to understand your clients (be they human or other life forms).

Having said all that, I have decided to give certificates to those students who request one upon successful completion of the course. The cost, including shipping and handling, will be $5 for those living in the U.S. I will need to determine shipping costs for those living in other countries.

Once I Order the Course, Is There a Deadline for Completion?

Deadline isn't a nice word, and it doesn't apply to this course. I believe in self-paced courses. You'll set a schedule that suits you.

Is the Course Available in Printed Form?

I am sorry; it is not. My ability to offer the course at a reasonable cost is based on delivering it via email. It is designed, however, so that printing it out need not be costly. It is 140 pages long.

Is There An Advanced Course?

Yes. You can read about the Level II course here.

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