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Bach Flower Remedy Course

Testimonials from Graduates of
The Bach Flower Remedies Course

The Bach Flower Remedies course is without a doubt one of the best classes I have ever taken. Ms. Barrett has done an excellent job in explaining these essences and their applications so that all may benefit from them.

Coupled with real world examples and suggestions, her down to earth presentation makes this a "must-take" course for anyone interested in Natural Health.

--Paul E. Fitzgibbons, N.D.

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There were many things I liked very much about your course. Firstly, it's great value for money. It's also nice to know that further guidance is available, if required. The course materials are first rate! The combination of regular, manageable questions with intriguing learning activities makes the learning fun. Best of all are the very real characters, who bring the remedies to life, and make them so much easier to remember.

Bach himself would be pleased with the way you've interpreted the spirit of his teachings!

--Jim Small, U.K.

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I've been dabbling with flower essences for years, and despite owning a collection of essences and books I had difficulty knowing which ones to use. This course is a labor of love, an intense amount of information in a format that is fun and offers insight into the behavior of people. Invaluable self help for anyone looking to improve themselves and their relationships with people and flowers!

--Carmen Reyes

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The course material was excellent. Highly informative with many examples of cases to base skill learning. Very convenient through via internet. Going at your own pace is a plus. After 3 weeks using bach remedies based on course experienced material I have relieved issues for myself and husband. Thank you for a wonderful course experience for lifetime use.


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"Ijust want to say that the course work is EXCELLENT!!! Very well written and easy to understand, i am very glad that i found your site!!


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It has been an enjoyable and healing experience taking this course. It stirred up a lot, (which you will see in the questionnaire!!) which was unexpected because my whole life for the past ten years has been dedicated to work on the self, and I think I know myself pretty well. But there's always more to be discovered. The psychological insights in the material are very penetrating, and the humor and compassion very uplifting/bracing. Thanks for your good work. (This student wishes to remain anonymous.)

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"I'm a writer, too, and I was very impressed with how well-written it was. I loved the way you wrote characters to associate with each remedy. That was a great way to learn. It was entertaining and interesting, and "attaching" a remedy to an actual personality was very helpful to me.

I also loved taking the quizzes. They were like "open book tests" since you could go back and review the material if you needed to in order to find the answers. Another very helpful section was "Quick Picks", which I'm sure I'll use often."

--Mary Ellen Whitaker

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"I took this Bach Flowers course as part of a Master's degree in Vibrational Wellness. I had tried to study on my own but got stuck because all the remedies sounded the same. This course explained the remedies in a way that was clear and accessible and that differentiated between similar-sounding remedies in a way I could remember."


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"The course is very condensed and reader friendly, very well paced, providing an excellence of information. I could not think of a faster way to step on this path. The price is very fair. Thank you Connie for stepping into this reality..."

--A.H., MD

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