For Christmas Jane's mother gave her a garish sweater; her brother gave her the same CD he gave her last year; and her nephew gave her a birdcage (she doesn't have a bird). She smiled and told everyone how much she loves her gifts.

Bob has a mysterious pain in the lower regions. He's afraid to go to the doctor, and he doesn't tell anyone about it. When people ask him how things are he says, "just fine."

In the Agrimony state people don't want to make other people unhappy by hearing about their problems. This makes them very popular; they're much better company than those who are only waiting for a victim to tell about their latest disasters.

Agrimony people make the ideal patients in hospitals. They never complain, are generally cheerful. If they could they'd get up and make the bed themselves.

They're just as eager to keep any unhappiness from themselves as from others. If they ever sit down, alone, undistracted, that unhappiness may come to the surface, so they do their best to avoid solitary activities. If they do happen to find themselves alone they're likely to seek distraction in alcohol, drugs, food, or any activity which can keep them from being aware of their inner lives.

It would be too easy to dismiss them as superficial or as people who are ashamed to let their innermost feelings be known by others. Agrimony people are often unusually sensitive, and one of their greatest desires is for harmony. They genuinely don't want anyone to be upset by what they're trying not to go through.

Agrimony and Sagittarius

While the need for Agrimony, as for all of the Bach Flower Essences, is not limited to any one astrological sign, there is a particular affinity with Sagittarius. Like the Arimony person, Sagittarians (unless strongly influenced by other zodiacal or planetary influences) tend to be outgoing, cheerful, good company, and fond of group activities. They often find it easier to focus on the outer world, particularly the world of ideas, than on whatever is going on in their inner emotional world.

A subtle connection between Agrimony and Sag is that Sagittarians, for all their outward cheer, are easily discouraged, in part because their interests are both many and ever-changing (Sag is mutable fire, easily ignited and as easily extinguished). Reaching a goal offers particular challenges to them, and that goal is not always achieved. They often need encouragement in sticking to one path, but will rarely ask for help. (They can often find salvation through relationship with a solid earth type, such as Capricorn or Taurus.)

Agrimony Unbound

When people caught up in the limiting Agrimony traits take this Essence they find that facing their inner problems and difficulties is easier than trying to suppress them. As they learn to make themselves comfortable with their inner world they find that they are able to create within themselves the harmony they previously sought to create externally. They will be as well-liked as they were before, for their sensitivity, understanding, and ability to face their issues and genuinely treat them lightly serves as an inspiration to the rest of us.

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