For Things That Go Bump in the Night


The Bach Flower Essences Aspen and Mimulus are often confused. Both relate to fear, but Mimulus is recommended for known fears. Jane is afraid to fly; thus, she needs Mimulus (and possibly, Rescue Essence, as well). Frank fears getting old; he also needs Mimulus.

Aspen is for unknown fears: a vague apprehension, or a feeling of general anxiety. It is often said that people who need Aspen are more aware of subtle energy levels, or energy emanating from other planes. It's my feeling, though, that the problem isn't so much the higher (or deeper) level of awareness as a mistrust of information which comes from sources other than the accepted senses.

To expand on this, I believe that we are all psychic, but that most of us, often at an early age, have learned to inhibit or shut down this capacity altogether. Thus, when a strong intuition partially breaks through our resistance we react with fear.

One area of life in which our psychic senses have a better chance of manifesting is in our dreams. When we resist our dreams they often break through in the form of nightmares, and Aspen is the Essence of choice for nightmares, fear of going to sleep, or fear of the dark. It is particularly helpful for children.

One way of describing Aspen's sphere of influence would be to say that it is helpful in dealing with all fears relating to nonphysical matters. In addition to those subjects already mentioned, this would include as well fear of occult phemonena or of non-traditional religions or belief systems.

Also, for those who believe they're suffering from a known fear, but find no relief with Mimulus, it may be helpful to take Aspen, for even when one experiences a known fear, there may be an unknown fear behind it.

In taking Aspen one finds oneself comfortable with insight and intuition, able to appreciate and learn from dreams, and more deeply connected to the Soul, which is fearless.

Aspen and Taurus

Taurus, is on the appearance of things, the most deeply Earth-rooted of signs, comfortable in physical existence and appreciative of physical pleasures. The other side of Taurus, though, is often a deep suspicion and fear of metaphysics, the occult, and any area which seems not immediately connected to the earth plane.

Aspen can re-balance the Taurean. Though it will take away none of this sign's enjoyment of the physical plane, it can help Taurus to reach for the stars.

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