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The "Tell Me What to Do" Essence

I have a friend who often came into my store in New York City to buy crystals. As fond of her as I was a silent groan arose when she entered, and I reminded myself about the importance of patience.

Before long she'd come over with two or more stones. "What do you think?" she'd asked. "I really like this one best, but don't you think that maybe this one has a better shape? And this other one is more clear."

When customers are in this kind of dilemma, I've always advised them to follow their intuition, their immediate attraction, but this approach never worked with my friend. "You always say that." she'd say, "and it doesn't make sense." This is the Cerato dilemma. People in need of this Essence lack neither intelligence nor insight. What they're missing is self trust. Instead of responding to the promptings of their intuitive inner voice they fall back on on habit, reason, and popular beliefs. They constantly gather knowledge, but rarely assimilate it.

Part of their indecisiveness is based on their fear of making a mistake and losing the good opinion of others, which they usually value highly. In a sense, they are trying to replace their own self-esteem with that of others, their own intuitive judgments with other peoples' advice. It should also not be overlooked that constantly asking the advice of others gets them attention, although after a while some of that attention becomes negative.

When I discovered the Bach Flower Essences Cerato leapt out of the page I was reading. I shamelessly took advantage of my friend's willingness to take my advice and recommended this Essence to her.

When she started taking it a quiet transformation took place. All on her own she made a career change, became active in an organization devoted to service to others, in which she did much informal counseling and coaching. She is now a Reiki master and gives free Reiki I classes to people with AIDS.

I give her, not Cerato, the credit, but there's no doubt in my own mind that Cerato helped.

Cerato and Gemini

Geminis are equally eager to gather knowledge, and often just as uncertain in their opinions. This relates in part to their dual nature. They are also much more likely to rely on logic and reason than on the voice of intuition. Cerato is an excellent Essence for them.

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