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Chicory: Looking for Love

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There are certain Bach Flower Essences which self-respecting people might not want to admit they need. In my training as a Bach Flower Essence counselor part of what I learned was how to suggest to clients that they needed these Essences.

Through this process I learned that it's helpful to understand that with each of the Essences one who doesn't have the full-blown symptoms can still benefit from taking it. I also learned (and here I speak from personal experience) that knowing and accepting every last miserable aspect of who you are is the fastest road to healing.

I often find that my clients who need Chicory were especially deprived of love when they were growing up. As a result their need for it feels as if it can never be satisfied. If, as was often the case, they were neglected, they feel that attention is love. Thus, what the important people in their lives view as interference is their way of giving love; their own demands for attention are their way of trying to receive it.

Although Chicory isn't only for parents, its negative qualities are exemplified by those parents who demand constant attention from their children (whether young or adult). They want their offspring to live close to their parents and see them often, but they may also become involved in their children's lives in other ways--usually to find fault with any independently-made decisions.

The Chicory personality may also express itself in a marital or partnership relationship. It may take the form of an over-solicitous spouse, who will often become resentful if his/her concern is ignored or their devotion unappreciated. "After all I've done for you" is a key Chicory phrase.

The Chicory Flower Essence can have a transformational effect on those who need it. As they take it their attention shifts from the demand for an external source of love to the appreciation that they are themselves the source of love.

Chicory and Scorpio

Like the Chicory personality, the sign of Scorpio often has an undeservedly negative reputation. Like Bach character types, though, astrological signs have poles of evolution, and when fully realized, the Scorpio is capable of transcending the limitations of ego and achieving a state of selfless devotion.

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