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This is the condition for which the phrase, "space cadet" was coined. A friend of ours once said of a mutual (very Clematis) friend that if she'd had a bagel for breakfast and you asked her what she ate she'd say, " round."

Clematis people never seem fully awake or actively interested in the world of matter. They go from one room to the next, and by the time they arrive at their destination forget why they wanted to be there in the first place. They should never be allowed to try to balance their checkbooks or fill out an income tax form (they'd forget to, anyway). They do not belong in the world of details; nor can they always be expected to remember instructions given to them five minutes before. It is questionable whether they should be driving cars.

Physical reality is simply not their favorite mode of existence. They are far more intrigued by the inner worlds of their imaginations-- this is often a very rich world, for they often have a potential for creativity which is far above average. The difficulty is that it often remains only as potential.

When their dreams are unrealized they may retreat ever more deeply into a world of fantasy, and take even less of a role in daily life. They may hope wistfully that things will get better, without realizing that they can help to make that dream come true.

The Essence Clematis can play a vital role in awakening and activating people in the negative Clematis state to their true potential. It helps to create a bridge for them between the spiritual and physical worlds. As they begin to connect these realities, daily life takes on new interest, and they are able to manifest their dreams and visions and share them with the world.

The Astrological Clematis

Clematis has a particular affinity with the sign of Pisces. Pisceans are also dreamy, idealistic, and lack a firm grip on physical reality. Often they withdraw because they are hyper-sensitive to the suffering of others and cannot bear that pain. The Essence Clematis may help them to connect more firmly with the earth plane and enable them to consciously sever their identification with suffering.

In the positive state both Clematis people and Pisceans can make wonderful artists, practical idealists, and healers.

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