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A Gentian person is firmly rooted in the physical world. He trusts the evidence of his senses ("seeing is believing"), of logic("adds up"), statistics ("sales are down all over the country; how can you think of opening a store?"), or an authority ("the doctor says that vitamins are useless")

She is amazed by those friends of hers who have gotten involved with metaphysics. "Show me these other dimensions. Are you sure you aren't having some kind of mental breakdown?" If she practices a religion it will most likely be one which is integrally related to her upbringing or cultural background.

The refusal to believe in anything not of the physical world or in one's own immediate perception is the Gentian problem. People in this state are constantly looking for answers, but because they limit their realm of inquiry, the answers they receive are usually discouraging.

This doesn't mean that people in the Gentian state aren't spiritual seekers. They are, but still want evidence. They need, for example, to see a report that doctors are getting good results with Reiki, or learn that the physician to the British royal family uses homeopathic Essences. What they lack-- most need-- faith, trust in senses other than the physical, and a sense of themselves as part of a greater whole

This is the role of the Gentian flower Essence. After taking a course of it Gentian people will still be less willing than others to accept ideas on faith, but they will be able to encounter difficulty without becoming discouraged. They will keep on going, strengthened by the faith that their own lives are connected to a greater purpose.

Gentian strongly relates to Capricorn, an earth sign of leadership, skilled in the ways of material existence and skeptical of anything beyond it. The seriousness of a Gentian person is like that of Capricorns, especially Capricorn children, who often seem less childlike than those born under other signs.

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