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Memories of Lost Times

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People in the negative Honeysuckle state are literally caught in a time warp. They live largely in the past.

Sometimes this condition is a temporary one, activated by being in a new environment such as the transitional period between jobs, dwellings, geographic locations, relationships. It is often experienced by the elderly, although this is less likely to happen if they are actively engaged in the present.

Often, though, it is a chronic condition, as in the case of people who feel that adult life can never be as good as the days of their youth, or those who lose a spouse or partner while young and never find anyone as good as the lost love.

This state is a refusal to accept that one is a growing, changing individual, and its source, as suggested above, is often the belief that if one roots oneself sufficiently in the past, when life was more pleasant, one may escape the present, which seems largely a disappointment. There may also be the fear that to make the attempt to achieve some satisfaction and pleasure in the present would result in even greater disappointment.

Sometimes, though, those who cling to the past aren't immersing themselves in positive memories, but are bound to it by regret and sorrow. They may say to themselves, "If only things had been different," "If only I hadn't . . ." They are attached to the past because it is for them incomplete; in their minds they constantly go over it, trying to make it better.

This can show up in subtle ways in cases of people who, because they were unloved or mistreated by their parents, find it impossible to love or trust anyone in an adult relationship. It is a factor in any situation in which people perpetuate limiting thoughts and behavior from earlier times. It is a way of being characterized by the often-unspoken belief that, bad as the past was, the future will be even worse.

The Honeysuckle Flower Essence helps people to dissolve their attachments to the past, and allows them to move with confidence and hope into the present. It helps them to finally release painful attachments, and while they will not forget those memories which were pleasant, they learn to use them as a foundation for confidence that the present and future can be just as rewarding.

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