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Mimulus: The Quietly Fearful Ones

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There is probably no one alive who is without fear. We are souls in physical clothing, and it sometimes seems as if the moment we put on our new bodies and prepare to reenter the physical world we forget that we've been here before.

The negative Mimulus condition relates to known fears (as opposed to Aspen, which relates to fears which are either unknown or related to the spiritual dimension of existence). On one level, the need for Mimulus is indicated for any persistent fear: of going to the dentist, flying, poverty, etc. On a deeper level, Mimulus is indicated for those who have personalities which are characterized by fear.

In appearance and manner Mimulus people often tend to be shy and sensitive. Shyness may occur in a case where one's particular fear is of people, but in more general terms it signifies (in the sense of shying away from) a resistance to the sensory overload of being alive in a physical body.

Those who need Mimulus are overwhelmed by sensations which wouldn't be noticed by others. If the music is too loud, the food too rich, the schedule too crowded, they tend to withdraw. If they feel themselves under too much pressure they may become physically ill.

The Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus will not necessarily change their sensitivity, but it can help them to accept that they are different: that their idea of a good time isn't being at a noisy party but in a quiet library or in their own rooms. The remedy can, however, help them to deal with their fears.

Mimulus helps those who need it to realize that their fearful thoughts have become habitual. They often no longer remember the initial situation when caused them to be fearful; fear becomes an automatic response to that kind of situation.

Mimulus helps to break that pattern. It teaches those who take it that, regardless of what initiated a given fear, fear originates in the mind and can be dispelled by the mind. This is as true for the person who has occasional spells of specific fear as for those for whom fear is a way of life. With Mimulus one can learn to transcend fear and to become more comfortable with being alive.

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