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Mustard: Faith and Light

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Gentian relates to depression stemming from a known source, i.e., the ending of a relationship, the loss of a job. The Mustard condition is a transient state of depression which has no apparent source.

This state has been likened to the feeling that one is immersed in a dark, heavy cloud which is a barrier between the individual and the normal pleasures of life. Nothing, it seems, can divert the Mustard sufferer from his/her experience of gloom. When the dark mood disappears it seems to do so of its own will.

I have described an extreme case, but Mustard, like all of the Bach Flower Essence negative conditions, can occur with less drama. The cloud may not be so all-enveloping; it simply casts a shadow on the brightness of your day. You wonder why; everything is going well, and yet . . .

The Mustard Blessing

It is perhaps difficult to think of this condition, in either extreme or mild forms, as a blessing, but it can be seen that way in this sense: Most of us may live large parts of our lives without consciously experiencing our connection to our soul essence, and by expansion, our connection to universal spirit. In a Mustard state that sense of disconnection is unavoidable.

Thus, the negative Mustard condition is a great teacher. In our experiencing of the unbearable burden of darkness and separation we find ourselves longing for the light and reunion.

In this sense, the Mustard state is frequently experienced by people who are consciously following a spiritual path, one in which the darkness from the past which we carry within ourselves must surface in order to be released.

Internal darkness must be faced, and many Bach Flower therapists have reported that the more accepting one is of the Mustard condition the more readily it lifts. Accepting and releasing the mood is evey more readily accomplished by taking the Mustard flower Essence. This flower essence deepens our connection with the soul, weaving strong bonds which ensure that the clouds, should they ever return, cast but a momentary shadow on the spirit.

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