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Red Chestnut:
Take Good Care of Yourself;
You Belong to Me

The moment her younger daughter went out the door Joyce, my partner, began to worry about her coming home on time-- alive. When her older daughter moved first to California where she pursued what some would call primitive, and Joyce would call dangerous, living: in a tent in the wilderness, unreachable by phone, Joyce suffered agony beyond the describing of it. When either of her daughters were sick or injured she usually acquired their symptoms

When she first began to read about Bach Flower Essences and found the description of Red Chestnut she felt, even before she took the Essence, that someone had handed her the keys to open the prison cell where she lived with fear and worry.

The Ties That Bind

Worry is the most obvious manifestation of a Red Chestnut imbalance, and those who need this Essence do suffer for those they love. What they often overlook is that the ones they love suffer beneath the weight of their solicitude.

Underlying the concern and love is the strong connection the worrier feels with the object of his/her worry. Strong connections between people can be beautiful and empowering, but a bond in which the worried individual constantly projects disasters onto the recipient is nurturing to neither participant in the relationship.

In taking Red Chestnut one finds that the closeness between two people shifts to a higher level, one in which the former worrier learns to let go and project positive thoughts towards the other person: to imagine them independent, able to take care of themselves, to accept their need to live their own lives.

Red Chestnut and Cancerians

The sign of Cancer relates to the home and the family, and most Cancerians value family life (be it their biological relatives or the clans they've assembled in later life). They desire and maintain intimate relationships. Emotional security is of paramount importance to them, and part of that security stems from knowing that family members are safe.

Taking Red Chestnut allows worried Crabs to step out of the limiting shell of over-concern, and to truly enjoy their family members-- those who leave the nest.

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