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Rock Rose: When Terror Strikes

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Rock Rose was the original Rescue Essence. Unlike the latter, which also contains flower essences for impatience, feeling out of control, unconsciousness, and trauma, Rock Rose addresses the feeling of terror.

The terror may result from either a mental or a physical threat. Your child has a serious accident; your mother becomes suddenly ill; your area is threatened by a hurricane or tornado. Rock Rose is for any set of circumstances which seem to turn your world upside down, for any situation in which you feel so helpless and frightened that you lose all sight of any possibility that there could ever be a happy ending. It's a psychic state of emergency.

These are often situations in which terror is the least successful strategy. You need to take care of that child, comfort your mother, do the best you can to make your home storm-proof. Even if a state of calm seems beyond your reach, you at least need to be able to take action.

Rock Rose is the Essence which can melt the ice of fear which has you immobilized. It does more than that; it can replace terror with the emotion which is needed in an emergency situation: courage. The positive Rock Rose state is characterized by firepeople who risk their lives to rescue trapped people in burning buildings, by parents who perform seemingly superhuman acts in order to save their children, and by anyone who forgets risks to their own lives in order to save others.

It may not turn you into a hero/heroine, but it will get you out of the chair where you've been sitting and waiting for the roof to fall in and into a state of positive action.

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