Rock Water:
Trying to Change From the Outside

Note: Rock Water is the only Bach Flower Essence which is not made from a plant. It is gathered from natural springs known for their ability to heal the sick.

The negative Rock Water condition is one of the most common dangers for people who are newly launched on a spiritual path. We may look at how we've been living, reflecting with disgust both on the physical indulgences of laziness and MacDonalds hamburgers and of the mental and emotional excesses of self-indulgence, and decide to become overnight ascetics.

We may eat macrobiotic foods religiously, exercise our protesting physical bodies, meditate for hours on end. We use any urge to backslide as evidence of our weakness and renew the discipline with even more determination. On a mental level we may become unquestioning devotees of particularly rigid belief systems and adopt intellectual limitations as eagerly as we do physical ones.

The above is an extreme example, and is not limited to people like us. One may be an equally rigid practitioner of Catholicism or Judaism, conservatism or Marxism. The common element is rigidity: the refusal to question, and through questioning to grow. While they don't proselytize they try to convert through setting an example. When they fail to achieve their often superhuman goals they chastise themselves severely.

In their behavior they are attempting to steer their lives by a fixed plan, firmly shutting out the voice of intuition or spirit or soul. This is the true failure.

Lesser forms of this syndrome are more common, and Rock Water is indicated for any area of life where one's beliefs make adaptation to chance and thus growth difficult. In a sense, those who still uncritically follow the beliefs and behavior patterns of their parents or culture are as unbending as the spiritual fanatic. Each of us is here, not to follow someone else's path, but to create our own, and to change our direction when we change.

Rock Water helps us to do this. It not only helps us to choose our paths in life in accordance with the uniqueness of our own natures, but encourages us, when we're weary or in need of diversion, to go off on little side paths„which may prove to be the way to our true destinations.

It is the Essence of the road less traveled.

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