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Scleranthus: Back and Forth

For a Scleranthus person, two choices is too many, and they tend to make firm decisions which don't last long.

Mary, for example, has to choose between two houses. One is a beautiful old farmhouse by a stream, with neighbors within shouting distance, and stores nearby. The other is a recently-built A-frame in the woods, in which there are no immediate neighbors and it's a long trip to the store.

She has visited both houses several times. When she's at the farmhouse she's certain she wants to live there; the same thing happens when she sees the A-frame. When she's at neither place she can't decide.

One of the Scleranthus characteristics is that the individual, like Mary, tends to be attracted to opposites. If it's a choice between jobs one might involve much interaction with other people, while the second involved solitary work. If a choice of spouses or partners is involved one will be an angel, the other a devil.

Ups and Downs

Similarly, the Scleranthus person may be prone to mood swings from joy to misery. Physical imbalances may also result from these emotional fluctuations.

The Scleranthus person's immediate problem is that he has become an either-or kind of person who's shut off the possibility of a more inclusive reality. The deeper problem is that she allows herself to be swayed by circumstances, having stopped listening to the voice of her higher self or soul.

Scleranthus opens up this connection. If Mary, the house-hunter, were to take Scleranthus she might hear the voice of her deepest self say, "Tally up the benefits of both houses and look for a home which blends the best of both."

In this and many other ways, the well-balanced Scleranthus person opens up to a world of richness and variety.

Scleranthus and Libra

The Libran symbol is the Scales, which speak perfectly to the Scleranthus condition. Librans have an overriding need to be fair, which means that they may go back and forth to both sides of a situation countless times because they're afraid of making a wrong or unfair choice.

Dr. Edward Bach was a Libran. When he was young he was torn between becoming a doctor and becoming a minister because he didn't know which profession would best enable him to help people. He initially chose medicine, and became a renowned and successful practitioner, but in time the other side of the scale tipped, causing him to give up his medical practice and go to the countryside.

He found his balance, however, for he was clear that his central focus was on healing. Following his intuition, he discovered a simple method of healing people on the emotional and spiritual level. We know this system as the Bach Flower Essences.

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