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Enthusiasm Plus

A Vervain person is the one who collars you and insists that you come to hear the wonderful, charismatic, direct-incarnation-of-divine-being guru he just discovered. Three months later you will discover that he's sold all of his earthly belongings, given up his rent-controlled apartment, and moved to an ashram in India. He has also persuaded half of his friends to come with him (he's not speaking to the other half any more).

Now, lots of people have gurus, and many of them give up their earthly possessions and move to ashrams in India, but no one does it (or anything else) with the passion and intensity of the Vervain personality.

Their sense of dedication ranges from single-minded to fanatical, and it's never enough for them to burn brightly with conviction; they won't rest until all of their friends and acquaintances are enrolled in the cause as well.

They are sometimes skilled in the art of enrollment, but often their enthusiasm takes the form of a harangue which its victims escape as quickly as possible.

Running on Empty

Vervain people use up not only their friends' patience but their own energy reserves. The more their enthusiasm verges on obsession the more tense they become. When their efforts on behalf of their cause don't succeed they try even harder, sometimes denying themselves rest or sleep.

Vervain people are truly inspired, but in trying to mentally and emotionally bludgeon others with their "truths," they fail to recognize that it is far more persuasive to "walk your talk." They act as I would if I were to say, "Flower essences have made me so spiritual, so calm, so relaxed. You have to try them!" Would you be convinced that I was spiritual, calm, and relaxed?

The Vervain flower essence helps to correct this imbalance. Those who take it, while still deeply committed to and enthusiastic about their chosen paths, no longer require that the entire world follow them. They can listen to other opinions, and express their own with love.

Vervain and Leo

Leo rules the heart, and our Lion-hearted friends can match the Vervain personality for passionate commitment to a cause. Leos are particularly moved to defend the helpless and those who are the victims of injustice. The Vervain flower Essence can be helpful in keeping them from emotional and physical exhaustion.

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