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Water Violet

Some Bach Flower Essences counselors recommend Water Violet for cats. They haven't met our cat Brendan, also known as Mr. Congeniality, but it is true that the classic Water Violet personality may resemble that of the cat who, while it may engage in deep intimacies with its chosen people, endures visitors in aloof silence (if it even bothers to make an appearance when guests are present.

Water Violet people are often admired for their individuality and calmness. Those who try to get close to them, however, may (like those who approach an aloof cat) find themselves rebuffed.

The greatest difficulty of the negative Water Violet state is the reluctance to become involved emotionally with others. The admirers of Water Violets, often want their advice, but what they often get instead is a deeper withdrawal.

Water Violet people would see nothing wrong with this withdrawal, reasoning that when they feel unwell they prefer to be left alone. When burdened by a problem they'll figure it out themselves, rather than risk interference from others.

What they don't see is that calmness and stability rest on a precarious precipice when they're based on keeping other people out, and that the opportunity to relate to and learn from other people is one of the reasons for being alive (with all respect to those who are genuinely called to lives of solitude and contemplation).

In the positive Water Violet state people will not suddenly become raging extroverts. They will remain reserved and independent; they will still enjoy solitude; they will rarely interfere with the lives of others. They will however, be open to relationships with others, recognizing that they have something to share and a responsibility to share it.

Water Violet and Aquarius

There is a special connection between these two. Aquarians are noted for being individualistic and humanitarian in a general sort of way, as expressed by Aquarian Thomas Paine, "The world is my country, and my religion is to do good."

This is an admirable philosophy, but you may notice that it has an abstract, impersonal quality. Taking Water Violet will not rob Aquarians of their high principles; it will simply enable them to share them with others.

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