Wild Rose:
Abandoning All Hope

The Wild Rose state isn't one of despair or depression. In these conditions there is still an awareness that, while one's life is miserable, that there was a time when it wasn't, and there is, however deeply buried, the hope that it will again be so.

In the Wild Rose condition hope itself is barely a memory. It is a state of complete resignation to one's fate.

Sometimes this is a temporary condition. It can occur following a period of intense personal growth or concentrated creative activity. It is a common state at certain phases of therapy or counseling, usually those stages when people become aware how deep-rooted the belief and behavior patterns they follow are.

As a chronic condition, it is often caused by a child being habitually neglected, especially during the months of infancy. When one's needs aren't met at this time the self-protective response is often to abandon need and sink into a vegetative state.

The Wild Rose state is expressed in such key phrases as:

"Why should I change my job? One will be just as bad as another."

"I can't do anything about my bad health; it's hereditary."

Whether temporary or chronic, the condition is generally characterized by boredom and a state of low energy.

This condition is insidious, for the more someone believes that his life is hopeless the more he shuts himself off from seeing any possibility for hope. The world is viewed through a filter which reinforces a state of resignation.

An individual in this condition needs a jump start, and the Wild Rose Essence provides it. In my experience, people who need it may need to prepared to take it on a long-term basis, at least for longer than for other Essences, because the person who needs it has created many insulating layers against reasons for optimism.

Often, the changes are gradual, almost imperceptible at first. The person feels herself awakening, as after a deep sleep. At first the limbs are stiff, the mind fuzzy, but in time a sense of vitality returns, and a feeling of anticipation, as life again becomes worth living.

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