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Here you will find Bach Flower Remedies listed by categories. Within these general categories you will find listed a number of flower essences, each with their particular attribute. Each name links to a longer article on the individual Bach Flower Remedies.

For those interested in exploring the Bach Flower Remedies more deeply, please see Information on a Bach Flower Remedies Course.

You may also want to see the Emotional First Aid Kit, which lists a number of emotional conditions and the flower essences, crystals, and essential oils which can be helpful.


Needing to ask others' opinions: Cerato
Being torn between two choices: Scleranthus
Being torn between many choices: Wild Oat
Making the same mistakes repeatedly: Chestnut Bud
Others' opinions prevent one from changing: Walnut


Anguish: Sweet Chestnut
Doubt caused by any setback: Gentian
Hopelessness: Gorse
Gloom for unknown reasons: Mustard


Fear for loved ones' welfare: Red Chestnut
Known Fear (in general): Mimulus
Of losing self-control: Cherry Plum
Shock: Star of Bethelehem
Unknown Fear: Aspen
Terror: Rock Rose

Inattention to the Present

Living in the past: Honeysuckle
Resignation: Wild Rose
Ungrounded: Clematis
Mental or physical exhaustion: Olive
Obsessive thoughts: White Chestnut

Relationship with Oneself

Lack of self-esteem: Larch
Self-blame: Pine
Resentment: Willow
Unable to face one's feelings: Agrimony
Overwhelmed by responsibilities: Elm
Feeling unclean: Crab Apple
Mentally sluggish: Hornbeam
Tireless in the pursuit of duty: Oak
Rigid personal regime: Rock Water

Relationships with Others

Aloofness: Water Violet
Dictatorial: Vine
Possessive: Chicory
Envy or hatred: Holly
Needy of attention: Heather
Impatient: Impatiens
Judgmental: Beech
Submissive to others' will: Centaury
Overenthusiastic in Pursuit of a Cause: Vervain

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