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Lando, a male 2 year old Belgian Turvuren, became nervous and timid around strangers and aggressive to other dogs at the age of 13 months, following a series of physical and emotional traumas. I recommended Mimulus for known fears, Snapdragon for aggressive behavior, and Rescue Remedy for general shock and trauma.

Lando's human companion wrote recently:

An update on Lando, we have finished the snapdragon, yarrow and mimulus, there is a marked improvement, the Mimulus he took on his tongue, actually liked it!, I'm still using Rescue Remedy for new situations i.e. group classes - crowded (slightly) places, still not placing him in too crowded situations, I keep giving it to him each week until I see him totally relaxed for a couple of weeks then trying stopping it, at one class we go to that has worked well, there are many experienced trainers there and they have steadily got closer to Lando offering treats, he now accepts their petting and even moves forward to greet them, his general demeaner is much better in everyday situations. He has started herding - not only is he good but the first week shared a water bowl with a strange dog (without taking his face off!) perhaps he had a frustration that herding is satisfying :-)

We have an extra brag, he allowed a male stranger to pet him and sat (stand was too much) for exam at obedience class!!


My brother, Bill, gave me one of his Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies for Christmas this past year. She was the one in the litter who would run around when all of her brothers and sisters were sleeping and pounce on them and pull on ears.

She was just born with a lot of extra energy but when the vet checked her out before her flight to Arizona from Florida she made the comment to my brother that she was a very "riled up" dog. She was very bitey and dominant and as she grew larger it started to become a problem but my boyfriend and I knew that there was a good dog in there.

About six weeks ago I started giving her a concoction of the flower essences chamomile, lavender, and Indian pink after consulting with Joyce and Connie. The change in her has been amazing. She is still a puppy (almost seven months old and weighs 65 pounds) and gets a little crazy sometimes but her disposition is *much* more relaxed. The nasty edge is gone from her personality and she is not so jumpy.

I bumped into some neighbors that I had not seen for several weeks when out walking with her the other day and they even commented on the behavior change. I had used flower essences in the past for myself, but would never had thought to use them on a pet. Thanks to Connie and Joyce I now know better. So don't forget your "best friends" when thinking about flower essences.

Willie and Zawadi


Before being adopted by her present human companion, Zoe spent a month in the shelter in the company of a lot of aggressive loud dogs. This apparently triggered a great fear of other dogs. Whenever she met other dogs, they sensed her fear and responded aggressively.

Less than a month after Zoe's consultation, her human companion wrote:

"I just wanted to let you know since using Mimulus and the FES Special Yarrow Zoe has had 5 friendly encounters with other dogs, to my surprise! She seems more curious than afraid now. (Note: Mimulus (Bach), is for known fear, and Yarrow Special Formula (FES), creates a protective psychic shield.)

Thanks so much! I will continue using them. Also, other dogs are not approaching aggressively either, but curiously (as it should be). I've also been able to let her off leash a little more. (Though we are still working on having her come the first time I call!)

If I encounter anyone else who can use your service, I will refer them.

Thanks again!

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