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Body by Bach:
Part One

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This is Part One of a two-part series.

Dr. Edward Bach formulated his Remedies for the purpose of relieving emotional imbalances. He believed that the dissolving of emotional blockages could also cause restored physical health and harmony.

This idea is now accepted among many who choose alternative health practices. Practitioners have noticed that often when patients have one physical problem corrected, a new one emerges to replace it. This is usually because the underlying emotional issues remains unresolved.

I believe that one of the requirements for a healthy body is an appreciative attitude towards it. With this idea in mind, I've chosen several Bach Flower Remedies that address some negative attitudes towards the body and practices that may actually limit its ability to flourish. In addition, I've listed some related crystals for each condition.

I precede each description with a brief character portrait of someone who might experience the particular imbalance.

Those who can benefit from the first two Remedies in the series have both significant similarities and differences in their feelings about their bodies. They share the attitude that the body is an unruly entity that needs to be constantly watched and controlled.

Those who need Crab Apple, however, focus most on what they would term the offensive aspects of the body: rashes, odors, etc. Rock Water people view the body as something that needs to be subjected to sometimes punishing disciplines and routines.

Please note: All of these Remedies apply to other attributes than strictly one's relationship to the body. Those who need Crab Apple, for example, may be equally obsessed about having a totally tidy house, with up-to-the minute cleaning required. Rock Water can help to relieve mental as well as physical rigidity.

Note also that I am exaggerating the characteristics relieved by specific Remedies. This makes them hard to miss but also easy to dismiss. Someone might say, "I'm not obsessed with personal cleanliness, but I get really upset if my skin doesn't look good."

Bach Flower Remedies can help to relieve any degree of emotional discomfort. You may choose to consider the strong characteristics described as red lights and that your body is sending a yellow light message.

Out, Damned Spot

Caryn sometimes thought about how much more money she'd have if she didn't have to constantly prevent her body from doing something disgusting. If it didn't smell (and she noticed odors most others missed), it broke out in spots or rashes. She also knew-because she studied these things-that fungi and other vile things lurked inside her. She couldn't see them, but that didn't mean she couldn't go to war against them.

If she could be anything but a human, she'd be an angel. She bet they didn't have to use deodorant, and their skin was always so nice and clear. They didn't endure humiliating physical examinations, and someone always dry-cleaned their robes, which thoughtfully concealed any parts of them that might be better left unseen.

Until that happy day when she could escape the filth of physical existence, she would have to do her best to combat it, even if she had to use all her resources in that battle.

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The person who hates and is disgusted by his/her body may express this through an excessive cleanliness, shame, and in the form of eating disorders. Adolescents in particular experience this problem. Skin problems and the imperfections of their bodies devastate them.

In a deeper sense, people who focus on physical imperfections and their bodies' failure can be afraid to take in the larger picture. If they were to open themselves to the vastness and wonder of the physical world and to their own inner capacities they would be overwhelmed with sensations and feelings. Their world would be out of control. Their quest for perfection is an attempt to control their world and themselves and reduce both manageable proportions.

Crab Apple is the Remedy for feelings of shame, uncleanliness, or a poor self-image. This essence teaches acceptance of the body and the environment, and is also used as a physical cleanser.

Toxins may contribute to skin disorders, one of the conditions that upset those plagued by bodily imperfections. On the nonphysical level, smoky quartz can help to dispose of psychic waste, especially the old beliefs and emotions that prevent us from experiencing life fully. As we release these blockages we find that energy flows more easily through us and that we have an expanded capacity for feeling.

While it isn't my practice to write about physical healing with regard to stones, this is difficult to avoid with bloodstone. This stone is believed to help direct the healing vibrations of green into the blood stream and to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and spleen, the blood purifying organs. It is said to accomplish this either by being worn, placed on a cleansing organ, or by being taken as a gem elixir.

Absolute Control

George was guilty of a major slip in self-discipline. He'd eaten 300 more calories than he should have at dinner last night, and that meant he'd have to exercise an extra half-hour today. That would create a major schedule crunch, since he also had to spend at least an hour reading his latest self-improvement book. He also needed to go shopping at the health food store, and it took so much time to read the labels on the packages to make sure the contents were certified organic.

He couldn't believe he'd allowed himself to let go in that unforgivable way. One thing was certain: he'd have to be much more rigorous with himself in the future. It might be best not to go to a light-hearted social event where he lost control of his discipline and over-indulged. Having a little bit of fun just wasn't worth it.

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Some people view their bodies as seething cauldrons of temptation, seeking unhealthy pleasures disapproved of by a stern and strict mind that knows what's best for the resistant flesh. They may engage in punishing exercise regimes, follow very limited diet plans, and in other ways discipline and even torture their bodies. Anything that pleases the body may be viewed as dangerous.

Rock Water helps those who are excessively hard on themselves, who adopt repressive, rigid personal regimes, and deny themselves pleasure. It teaches open-mindedness and inner flexibility.

The comfort of habits often fuels rigid thinking and action. The person who needs Rock Water may be terrified that change will disrupt the familiar routine that keeps his body and life under control.

Carnelian can help to relieve one from habitual thinking and action. It helps us to get clarity on what we truly want right now, as opposed to reproducing a way of being from the past. At its best, it helps to lead to creativity and original expression.

Green Calcite helps to releasing mental rigidities, an essential step towards opening ourselves to new beliefs and realities. Mental rigidity often helps to keep physical rigidities, stiffness, and tension. Although I make no claims for physical healing, people have reported that green calcite was helpful for this.

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