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Ladies, I already have a job!! Thanks to my affirmations, my crystals, my oils & flower essences, all courtesy of BEYOND THE RAINBOW! You were the first persons who really have helped through the consultation you gave me.
--Sarlyn Gerardino-San Pablo

Flower essences, crystals, and essential oils can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, foster self-esteem and creativity, and serve as tools for personal/spiritual growth. They've made an enormous difference in our lives and in the lives of our human and animal clients.

If you choose a pet consultation, you will receive with your consultation a 30-page pamphlet about Bach Flower Remedies for dogs and cats--because we want to encourage you to continue to use Bach Flower Remedies for your companion animals' well-being

We give consultations by both phone and email. who lived too far away to come for a face-to-face consultation. We've found it a very effective way to advise people regarding the flower essences, crystals, and essential oils (as well as other modalities which seemed appropriate) which were most helpful to them. After receiving many requests, we added phone consultations.

In an email consultation, you will fill out a form (available here) and send it to us. Whoever you choose will evaluate it and send you a 3-4 page response that recommends appropriate essences, crystals, and essential oils.

In a phone consultation, you will also fill out and email a form. Once the person of your choice has evaluated it, she will arrange a time for a phone consultation. In this time frame, we explore more deeply your challenges and ask questions that enable us to assist you more thoroughly.

Giving consultations is one of the most rewarding and inspiring aspects of our work. We deeply respect our clients' commitment to clearing the past and transforming the future and consider it a privilege to be of assistance.

We've created a sample consultation to give you a sense of the information and suggestions we give our clients.

Please note that, although the consultation form asks about medical history, this is for the purpose of getting an overall picture. We do not make medical recommendations.

Consultation Price Schedule

Phone Consultations for People and Pets

Many clients want to speak to us personally. While we welcome this, we've found that:

a) Having the information provided by the consultation form helps us to more closely define your needs, thus saving expensive phone time.

b) Filling in the information gives you the opportunity to focus on what you want from a consultation (not to mention from your life).

We use phone consultations to go more deeply into an issues and to offer direct guidance on your issues.


1/2 hour $50

3/4 hour: $75

1 hour : $90

If you choose a phone consultation, we will contact you by email, once we've received and evaluated your consultation form.

Phone Consultation with Connie

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

One Hour

Email Consultation for People $50

Email Consultation for Animals $50

Get A Consultation Form for People

Get A Consultation Form for Companion Animals

1. If you prefer to mail the consultation to us you can send either a check or your credit card information.
2. If you email us the consultation and prefer not to use the shopping cart, you can call us toll free at 1-865 336-4609 to give us your credit card number.

How to Send In a Consultation

  1. Cut and paste the questionnaire to an email message, fill it out, and email it to us.
  2. Or, if you prefer, you can copy it to a word processing file, fill it out, print it out, and mail it to us.
  3. Please note: If you choose the option of mailing in your questionnaire, your answers must be typed.

Unless you specify otherwise we will email you your consultation.

1. If you mail the consultation to us you can send either a check, money order or your credit card information.
2. If you email us the consultation you can call us at 1-845-336-4609 to give us your credit card number.

3. You can order right here directly on the shopping cart.

If you mail us a consultation send it to:

Beyond the Rainbow
PO Box 110
Ruby, NY 12475

If you have any questions about our counseling, the questionnaire, how to mail it, how to pay for it, please let us know.

Testimonials About Our Consultations

Connie, I can't tell you how right on you are!!. . . .Funny that the otter, since a child, has always been my favorite animal!! [Otter essence was one of the selections based on the consultation] everything you say is correct. I am so thankful that the internet lead me to your service. Out of all the sites I browsed and all the research on my own, I am more than glad I picked yours. I will send you many thanks in my prayers!!
--Kristen O'Dell

The flower essence combination is great. The Centaury is not one I would have consciously chosen for myself, but it is really appropriate (I am learning), and the combo is working very synergistically. I've also been using some of the oils you suggested. Feels nice.

Thank you so much for being a catalyst in my life! It feels like you communicated "Reiki" energy through your insightful consultation with me. The energy has been strong! Thank you, too, for introducing me to the crystals -- I wasn't ready for them before now. I'm grateful to have found your informative, inspiring website!

Thank you, and many, many blessings!

--Carli Andrechak

At a really low point in my life, I was led to a rainbow--a beautiful place of healing and light led by two loving souls who are ready to go to the dark places with you. That place was Beyond the Rainbow, and the two souls are Kaessinger and Connie Barrett. I had been trying to help myself by reading about an essence or a crystal, but ended up thinking I needed ALL of them and crowding too many into my life at once to do anything but muddle me further.

In my consultation process they listened with compassion and offered gentle guidance, letting me choose what felt right for me. They have been there when I have had questions or concerns or just needed to talk. I give them both great credit for the enormous improvement in my life and outlook.

Their site is one place I visit regularly for updates, encouragement, and refreshment of the soul. I am continually astonished at the way their newsletters resonate with what is going on in my life. I highly recommend this gentle garden to anyone in need of anything from a place of peace to a knockout piece of jewelry!

Noelle Swanger

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