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Nonfiction: Energy Psychology and More

swamp NEW! Previously taken as a course by people all over the world, this book provides a practical and literally hands-on approach to chakra balancing using crystals and essences. Each chakra is related to a key area of life, such as grounding, sexuality, abundance, love, creativity and communication, intuition, and oneness.

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catsanddogs This book incorporates what I've learned since becoming a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner in 1990. Much of my practice has been devoted to counseling for companion animals.

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Courses in E-book Format

Previously only offered as email courses for $50 each, the material for each of this classes is now available, either for easy reading on your computer screen or in printable form.

Allow More Love in Your Life:
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There are two kind of love: unconditional and conditional. When love is limited by fear, it's conditional. The goal of this course is to deepen your ability to experience and give unconditional love.

Think More, Work Less

To have a life you love is your birthright no matter who you are, no matter how poor your parents may have been.

Our book on prosperity is based on twenty years of studying, practicing, and teaching principles for achieving prosperity. For us prosperity is not just about money. It's about being receptive to all of life's blessings. It's waking up each day feeling grateful for the gift of being alive. It's a life in which work is a source of pleasure. It's making a difference for those around us.

This course is designed to help you explore and dissolve limiting belief and emotional ways of beings and to replace them with powerful affirmations and new habits which can help you to create a prosperous and fulfilling life for yourself.


Connie, co-owner of Beyond the Rainbow, also writes fantasy novels. The books listed below are the first two in the series, A Dragon's Guide to Destiny.

Big Dragons Don't Cry

A cunning opportunist incites the people of Oasis to kill the local dragon so that he can convert Druid's swamp into suburban housing. The would-be dragonslayer also plans to have the Guardian assassinated and assume power. Unless the dragon joins a kitten with attitude and a human with unlawful psychic gifts, Oasis is finished.

Dance with Clouds

For centuries, a priestess cult has ruled the land of Dolocairn. Now drug lords seek to take control. As part of their campaign to broaden their power, they use drugs that induce amnesia and death to attack the land of Oasis. Serazina, the Heroine of Oasis, must go to Dolocairn to stop them. Tara, a fearless kitten, and Druid, a melancholy dragon, accompany her. They may not get out alive.

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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