The Chakras:
A Practical Guide to Personal Growth
Revised and Expanded

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"I would like to thank Beyond the Rainbow for making this online Chakra course available and for the awesome materials and support. I probably have taken longer than most to complete the course, however, there is so much valuable information that I really devoured and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am so excited to learn this and to apply it in my life, and others! I look forward to learning more each day as I experience it in my life and the lives of others!"
--Bonnie Staggs

" The lessons are amazing, they have encouraged me to look at many issues that have been deeply buried for many years." --Diane

"I am getting so much out of this course. I have read several books on chakras but wasn't able to grasp the concepts. You have made it simple to understand. Thanks."--Robin Johnson


"I spend most of my time worrying about survival."
"I've tried many ways to improve my life, but none have worked."
"It's hard for me to say what I feel."
"I wish my life were more satisfying."
"I worry a lot about the people I love."
"I see no order in the chaotic lives we live."
"I don't remember my dreams."

Each of these statements relates to one of the seven chakras, When we understand what the chakras have to do with our emotions, health, and mental well-being we have a new way to understand ourselves. When we learn how to rebalance the energy of the chakras we can raise our lives to a new level of empowerment.

I've studied the chakras for years, with a special focus on correlating them with crystals, flower essences, essential oils, and with my practice and teaching of Reiki. I've written extensively about the chakras and have given many workshops.

In so doing, I have evolved an approach to them which doesn't rely on in-depth understanding of any religious philosophies, but which is based on the realities of modern life.

This approach

Most important, it gives a clear focus to the work of self help and personal growth, and helps to eliminate confusion and guilt. Instead of wondering, "What's wrong with me?" you can relate communication issues to fifth-chakra blockages or low self-esteem to the third chakra, consult the material on these chakras, and develop a plan of action.

Through the chakra course you have given me a priceless for working with ever-present energies, to live life in the best possible way, as well as helpful and important feedback, that I know will aid in keeping me on my path. Though transformation is ongoing, having some structure to work with issues and energies of each of the chakras has been and is invaluable.

Having however much time needed before going to the next lesson has allowed me to discern when to move on to the next, and to make that decision myself. Moving at my own pace has been really helpful and in fact has felt vital.

Deciding to take the course I think will prove to be one of the best decisions that I've made. Doors are opening and I feel more potential now for happiness and for increased awareness and connection with life! -- Pat

This course will give you:

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When you have completed this self-paced course you will receive the equivalent of a consultation - except that you'll do the initial consultation for yourself.

I will ask you to choose areas of your life which you'd like to improve, to relate these areas to the appropriate chakras, and to create a plan for change. I will evaluate this plan thoroughly and make additional suggestions.

The special introductory cost of this course is, including the consultation, $50.

You may, if you wish, order a complete set of tumbled gemstones for $52. If this were purchased separately it would cost $57.

You can order this set at any time during the course.

Now Available as an Ebook

If you would like to do the course without the consultation element, you may order it in PDF form for $15. See below.

Now Revised and Expanded

The course contains

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If you have any questions about the course please contact me

I look forward to working with you.

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