Think More, Work Less
Your Prosperity Journey:
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Section I: Introduction

We explain why prosperity is your birthright, and why it doesn't have to be hard work to become prosperous. We invite you to become inspired about prosperity for yourself.

Section II: The Power of Affirmations

Thoughts are energy which attract to us a matching physical reality. Affirmations are a focused form of thought. We have been giving ourselves negative affirmations for years. In this section you will begin to explore the limiting affirmations which shape your reality.

Section III:
(A) Discovering and Dissolving Beliefs

(B) Crystals, Flower and Other Essences for Discovering and Dissolving Beliefs

Section A will take you deeper into the process of exploring your beliefs, with several detailed methods for this exploration. You will also learn how to dissolve beliefs.

Section B gives specific and detailed information about working with crystals and essences for discovering and dissolving beliefs, including special information about the chakras. Included is a meditation to help you dissolve limiting beliefs.

Section IV:(A) Ways of Being: Specific Emotions and Attitudes Which Block Prosperity
(B) Crystals and Flower and Other Essences for These Emotions and Attitudes

(A): Beliefs often group themselves into ways of being such as guilt, resentment, anger, discouragement, etc. Understanding your particular way(s) of being is essential for the process of dissolving these patterns.

(B): This part has detailed descriptions of relevant crystals and essences which are helpful in dissolving long-existing emotional patterns.

Section V: Investigating

Discovering The Roots of Your Beliefs About Prosperity

Become a detective. We give you a number of questions to ask those who have influenced your beliefs about prosperity.

Section VI:
(A) Creating Prosperity
(B) Related Crystals and Flower and Other Essences

(A):You begin to make a plan for creating prosperity, using the many helpful suggestions in this section. We encourage you to dream big.

(B): Here we describe in detail crystals and essences which will help to attract prosperity into your life. Included is a meditation for prosperity.

Section VII:
New Habits for Old

We describe the essential qualities for transforming your life in the area of prosperity, and ask you to look at the habits you have acquired which can keep limiting beliefs in place. We teach you how to exchange old habits for consciously-created new ones.

Section VIII:
Creating the Future

This is the final exam. We ask you to tell us how you've done, which includes sending us your prosperity plan. We will comment on it and make additional suggestions.

Each lesson has what we call Homeplay (thus avoiding any beliefs you may have about the word "Homework".) The homework is challenging. It is not impossible. It can be fun.

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