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The Chakras: A Practical Guide to Personal Growth

This email course is written in simple, practical terms with a focus on how chakra imbalances relate to the difficulties and challenges we face in everyday life: our connections to nature and the physical world, our ability to flow with life, to manifest our dreams, to have loving relations, to express our creativity, develop our intuition and our spirituality.

The course emphasizes the crystals, flower essences, and essential oils which can help to clear up chakra imbalances. When you've finished the course you'll prepare a plan for addressing the particular challenges which you've chosen to focus on. I will evaluate your plan, and make additional suggestions.

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Bach Flower Remedies

After a year of teaching about Bach Flower Remedies online with supplementary written materials, I decided to design a course with more flexibility and much more material. Because certain components are optional, I can deliver the basic course for an affordable $60.

The course is suitable for people at any level of experience with Bach Flower Remedies or other essences.

The basic course includes a 71,000-word book, containing the following:

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Your Prosperity Journey

Prosperity isn't only money, although that's the area where many of us notice that we're not as prosperous as we'd like to be. It's the quality of our lives, lives where work is play which fills our creative and spiritual needs.

This course is designed to help you to explore and dissolve limiting beliefs and habits and emotional ways of being and to replace them with powerful affirmations and new habits which can help you to create a prosperous and fulfilling life for yourself. Lessons include detailed information about crystals and essences related to prosperity, meditations, and many practical suggestions.

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Prosperity Course


Your Journey of Love

All things are possible when we live in the spirit of love, for love is the creative energy of the universe. When our most important relationships are harmonious, we have the support and courage to take risks and experience transformation.

By working with the principles and exercises in this course, you can experience more love in your life. You will learn to explore the beliefs which may prevent you from having all the love you deserve. You will learn how to communicate with honesty and love.

You will also learn what crystals and essences can deepen your appreciation of others and of yourself.

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