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Do you:

To have a life you love is your birthright no matter who you are, no matter how poor your parents may have been.

Louise Hay has said that if it were raining money some people would go out with teacups. The degree to which our beliefs permit us to be prosperous determines how prosperous we will be.

We may think we choose to be prosperous, but beneath the surface we are limited by what our parents told us about prosperity, our childhood experiences, and any experiences we had which "proved" that self-improvement methods don't work. And this is only the beginning.

Our email course on prosperity is based on our twenty years of studying, practicing, and teaching principles for achieving prosperity. For us prosperity is not just about money. It's about being receptive to all of life's blessings. It's waking up each day feeling grateful for the gift of being alive. It's a life in which work is a source of pleasure. It's making a difference for those around us.

This course is designed to help you explore and dissolve limiting belief and emotional ways of beings and to replace them with powerful affirmations and new habits which can help you to create a prosperous and fulfilling life for yourself.

In this course you will learn:

In conclusion, you make for yourself a prosperity plan which we will review.

Each lesson has what we call Homeplay (thus avoiding any beliefs you may have about the word "Homework".) The homeplay is challenging. It is not impossible. It can be fun.

Prosperity Course

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