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I feel more grounded and most of my daily activities helped me to understand the basic and innate balance required for an activated base chakra. I feel different. I have met new and pivotal people along my journey. I have also seen a deeper level to the people I already know which allows me to understand them more, to love them more, too. I have worked on myself and like the result.

I have more love for myself and honour my self and my undertakings more. I take the time not to overwork myself and even though there are things to be done, I allow time to heal. I am still in the process of learning more about myself but I am adapting to my new ways and self. My chores are not viewed as "chores" and I take care of my own self. Also, I can take care of my body and am not so afraid of the world anymore. I feel the world may not be ready for me!! I still may need to allocate a little more time for meditation and exercise but I'm getting there.

I'm taking baby steps but I'm growing stronger every day.

And...I like me, too! --Michelle Griffith

I'm still working with the first chakra, and I have to say that in only one week my life improved quite a bit.

Ever since I started working with the first chakra, I literally despise fast-food, candys and chocolate bars. I have this urge to eat healthy and I like it. Now I eat a lot of grains and, more important, fruit and vegetables of which my diet lacked badly. I don't just feel more energized but I also notized that my whole metabolism responds very positively.

By the way, the meditation for the first chakra was incredible. I went to sleep after, holding the clear crystal point in my hand and I had very pleasant dreams and woke up rested and refreshed in the morning. So thank you for that.

--Claudia Richey

"I was rereading the material on the heart chakra last night and a few things I had done within the past two weeks came to mind:

  • purchased a pink button-down oxford (haven't had one since college in 1984)
  • planted pink/coral impatiens in window boxes at my apartment (which peek in at me) along with hanging an impatien living wreath I decided to put together for my door last weekend
  • cut bleeding hearts out of my garden for an arrangement I put together just before sitting down to read

So for me, the lessons point out that instinctively I seem to be moving in the right direction...and the lessons themselves confirm what I'm up to (but don't often recognize).

Basically, I just read and smiled.

So thank you very much!

--Richard Kidd

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