The Acid Test

I believe that emotions are the bridge between what we think and what we experience in our bodies. A thought or statement-"He's such a horrible, mean person"-translates into the emotion of dislike, anger, or possibly hatred. In turn, these emotions may stimulate the physical reactions of elevated blood pressure, muscular tension, and clenched fists looking for a target.

Negative emotions can have another physical result: acid-alkaline imbalance.

What is pH and Why Should We Care About It?

Many natural healers believe that alkalinity is vital to good health and that it helps in the avoidance of degenerative diseases and ageing.

Below is a short description of the physical aspects of this concept. The acid-alkaline pH (potential for hydrogen) scale ranges from 1 to 14. 1 represents pure acid, 7 is neutral, and 14 is pure alkaline. Generally, the experts in this area recommend a slight alkalinity, with a pH of 7.365.

When pH is leaning towards the acidic side, the red blood cells begin to clump together. It's a bit like gridlock. The clumping makes it difficult for them to travel smoothly through the capillaries and feed the cells throughout the body.

We can also use the analogy of a swimming pool. When its pH is out of balance, the water gets polluted. Algae and mold may grow on the bottom. Unbalanced body chemistry also leads to pollution. Some other undesirable results include the reduction of the body's ability to absorb minerals and nutrients. Acidity also reduces energy production in the cells, slowing down cell repair. It hampers the ability to detoxify heavy metals. This also makes the body more susceptible to fatigue, illness, and disease.

You can find plenty of information about this subject on the Internet. You will also find loads of ideas about how to alkalize, most based on the principles of Edgar Cayce, a famous psychic and astrologer of the early 1920s. A pioneer in many ways, he recommended detoxification with herbs, colonics, fasting, massage, steam baths, and modifying one's diet.

While much can be done on the physical level to promote pH balance, it's important to understand the importance of negative emotions in creating an acidic pH.

Emotional pH

Mind-body experts and vibrational practitioners believe that emotional imbalances are the foundation for physical imbalances. Acid-alkaline imbalance demonstrates specific ways in which this happens.

Consider these phrases:

"What a sourpuss she is."
"I feel so bitter about this."
"My problems are eating away at me."
"There was bad blood between them."

Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, often says that if people were as diligent about the thoughts they allow to circulate in their minds as about what they put into their bodies, they could realize true health. The same person who runs to his food pH chart before eating something might not consider the effects of worrying about every bite he eats-or the many other worries available for consumption in today's world.

Sometimes the connections are obvious. Emotional upset readily leads to an acidic and upset stomach. Others are less direct. Stress causes high blood pressure and can raise blood sugar. It can provoke asthma attacks. These conditions may require taking prescription drugs that raise the acidity level.

I decided to look further and researched what various experts had to say about the specific emotional contributors to an acidic pH. Here are some of the things I learned.

Thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on our internal chemistry. Negativity creates acidic waste. Not only do happy people have longer and healthier lives, it's been observed that people with mediocre diets may be healthier when their outlook is positive. Those authorities who have deeply studied the effects of emotional and mental energies say that these have a greater effect on the body than the most alkaline food available.


Some authorities believe that fear is the root cause of most diseases. We may fight against fear by getting angry, a strongly acidic emotion. When anger remains unexpressed, in the form of resentment, it has even stronger effects. Resentment is described as the poison, intended for another, that makes you ill. It doesn't get more literal than that.

Even if you have a minimum of stress, anger, anxiety, fear, or low-esteem in your life, you can borrow suffering from the world by watching the news on television or reading the newspaper. Imagine drinking a cup of coffee and reading the headlines. It's hard to say which causes greater acidity.

When I first stopped watching television news or reading newspapers, people thought I was crazy and irresponsible, as if the world was going to get itself into even worse shape, now that I wasn't paying attention to it. Today, more and more people recognize that the media focuses on negativity. Television screens are dark or nonexistent in many living rooms. Although I don't know that anyone has charted the correlation between happiness and good health and the avoidance of media news, any of us can document the results in our lives.

Activities for Emotional/Physical Health

Exercise: Get the toxins out and get the body moving. The best exercise is generally the exercise you like the best. Consider, though, the benefits of mixing aerobic exercise with movement that's mostly stretches, such as yoga, chi kung, or tai chi.

Flower and Other Essences: Bach flower Remedies were specifically designed to help dissolve negative emotions. Mimulus and Aspen are for fear, Holly for anger, Willow for resentment, and Pine for guilt. See our web page with descriptions of each Remedy, with links to longer descriptions. The main essences page has links to descriptions of FES essences and Wild Earth Animal Essences.

Meditation: Quieting the mind and relaxing promotes an alkaline environment, in addition to its many other benefits.

Reiki: Give peaceful, loving attention to your body and rest for your spirit. Connecting to the source of wellbeing, whether through this method or any other hands-on treatment is immensely valuable.

Creativity: Find a creative activity that absorbs you. This is not about excelling or outdoing others. It's about the pleasure of enjoyment and possibly sparking new brain cells into activity. Expand the idea of creativity to include any activity that makes you glad to be alive.

Cultivate Appreciation: When life is stressful, and you're firmly on the fast track, you miss a lot of the scenery. Stop to smell the flowers and to notice a child's smile. Counter negative emotion by deliberately think of-and maybe writing down-five things you appreciate about one of the following: your home, your spouse, your children, your job, your body, or any five things about your day.

Note: It doesn't matter if you want to sell your house, leave your job, etc. Lack of appreciation for where we are is weird psychic glue that keeps us stuck there. When we can't find anything to appreciate about where we are, the chances are that when we get to where we think we want to go, we won't appreciate that, either.

Summon every positive emotion you can name: love, compassion, kindness, peace, etc. You won't find better alkalizing agents anywhere.

A Visual Illustration

These two videos illustrate the visible effects of emotions on the blood.

EFT and Live Blood

EFT and Divine Light

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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