Your Prosperity Journey:
An Email Course From Beyond the Rainbow

Section II:
The Power of Affirmations

This is a sample lesson from the email course, Your Prosperity Journey. Because the first lesson is largely an introduction we've chosen to use the second lesson as a more representative example.

NOTE: In the Homeplay (our version of homework) you will see a reference to writing a contract. The contract, explained in the first lesson, is a powerful tool for helping you to keep your commitments. It is a document you create which states what you intend to accomplish during a given portion of the course. You sign this, and have at least one other person sign it.

In Section II we introduce you to the second principle of prosperity. This has to do with looking at prosperity as an energy, and with the energetic power of affirmations.

The Energy of Prosperity

What has been known in metaphysics for countless years is now recognized in modern physics: that both thoughts and matter are made up of energy particles. Thought vibrates at a high and light rate of speed.


This is the principle behind affirmations. When we consciously decide that we would like something, i.e.:

"My work is a source of pleasure and prosperity," we are putting together a pattern of energy with this thought. The more we say or think this thought the more fixed and powerful this energy pattern becomes.

When we visualize the desired situation (I am in my office at home, looking out at the woods. A deer comes into the back yard to graze.) we increase the energy of the affirmation. If we add emotion to it (I am so grateful to be working at home doing what I love) the energy becomes even stronger.

Affirmation means to make firm. Another way of saying this is that through the process of affirmation our thoughts become physical reality.

The particular energetic form of our thoughts attracts energy of a similar quality. For example, once I got interested in metaphysics I began to meet more and more people who were also interested. My concentration on the subject was a particular vibration which attracted like-minded people.

When I decided that I intended to have my writing be more widely read after a short time I began to receive requests for articles to be reprinted, and I discovered sites which welcomed metaphysical submissions. Again, my intention, which was firm, created a corresponding reality.

Working consciously with affirmations can be powerful. So can working unconsciously with them, although the results are often not what we consciously intended.

We've been giving ourselves affirmations all our lives on an unconscious level. Many of them were beliefs we heard as children, like:

  1. "You work hard all your life, and then you die,"
  2. "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer,"
  3. "It's better to have a secure job that you don't like than to take risks and end up on the street."

As we grow older we personalize our affirmations:

  1. "No matter what I do I will never have a job I love;"
  2. "I work long hours for little pay; it's my parents' fault that I'm like this;"
  3. "I will never have everything I desire."

These unconscious beliefs and affirmations are filters through which we experience reality. If, for example, you believe that wealthy people are mean and selfish you will tend to notice stories about millionaires who who treat their servants badly and rob honest workers of their hard-earned pay. You will never see stories about wealthy people who are philanthropists or who personally get involved in worthy causes.

If you believe that poor people have no chance of ever becoming prosperous this belief will filter out stories about poor people who have done just that.

Thus, we will not experience what we believe as beliefs, but as facts, as hard-core reality. Everyone knows you can't change facts; thus, if you're poor you'll stay poor. For others it may mean not wanting to become prosperous because they think it will turn them into terrible people.

Unconscious affirmations can undermine our most carefully-crafted affirmations. You may decide, for example,

"By June, 2001, my novel is published, and I make more than enough money to quit the day job."

Below the surface, though, your mind is telling you,

"The publishing industry is a cutthroat world. You only get published if you have connections, and even then your novel could die on the shelf. Do you know how little the average writer makes a year?"

It's as if your positive affirmations are birds flying towards their destination and your unconscious negative affirmations are the hunters which shoot them down. In energetic terms the energy of creation being generated by your positive affirmations is being weakened and dissipated by the energy of your negative affirmations.

The energy of an unconscious affirmation, because it doesn't have the deliberate focus and intention of a positive affirmation is not as great as the latter. However, in general, we have a lot more of them, and because like attracts like, they tend to group together.

If I believe that prosperity exists in limited quantities I will also believe that people are fighting each other to get whatever there is, and may also believe that you can't trust anyone else when it comes to your money--or even your ideas about making money. Depending on my level of self-esteem I may also believe that due to the scarcity of money I am definitely not one of the people who will ever have it.

Beliefs like these are not life-affirming; they don't support us in our purpose for being in physical existence, which (the belief of the authors of this course) is to experience the magic of being in physical form, to enjoy and be playful in physical existence, and to contribute to the enjoyment of other beings.

Limiting beliefs restrict the flow of life-giving energy; they cause us to feel congested, dense, heavy. They generate the belief that life is a burden. They can kill optimism and faith. They work against us in terms of creating and experiencing prosperity.

Here is a brief exercise you can do to see how beliefs feel. Be very aware of your sensations and of your body.

  1. Think about always struggling to pay the bills.
    How does that feel?
  2. Imagine that your dentist has just told you that you need several thousand dollars of dental work.
    How does that feel?
  3. Now imagine that you've just received a huge raise.
    How does that feel?
  4. Imagine that you just learned that you won the lottery.
    How does that feel?

    You've just experienced the energy of your thoughts and feelings.

  5. Now think of and feel some limiting belief about money which you've had for as long as you can remember. How does that feel?

If you've always believed that you'll never have enough money it's like carrying a big rock on your back. The energy of despair you put out comes back from the outside world, and that stone gets heavier and heavier.

Imagine how it would feel if you believe that you'll never be prosperous, and you go in to ask your boss for a big raise. Do you think you'll get it?

Remember that your mind can't create anything bigger than your beliefs--and the more you believe is possible for you the more will be possible.

Discovering Limiting Beliefs

For this reason a primary focus throughout this course is to discover limiting beliefs and to dissolve them. In a sense, this is a process of unprogramming yourself.

We will focus directly on the process of discovering and dissolving beliefs in the next lesson, in which we will also introduce the tools of crystals, flower and other essences, and power animals. Here I'll introduce dream work and journal writing, two methods I am going to ask you to begin before you ask for the next lesson.


If you don't currently (or rarely remember your dreams) realize that there is a part of yourself--and a very creative and expressive part--which you don't know at all. Think of it as a secret resource which you haven't yet tapped, as an ally on your prosperity journey.

Do you sometimes wake up feeling depressed, anxious, or another emotion without knowing why? Remembered dreams help to clear these emotional states.

As you become familiar with your dream self you will have the opportunity to meet your unconscious beliefs, which can often be expressed in dramatic form.

Your dreams can also provide you with creative solutions to challenges. Thomas Edison discovered the solution for creating a working light bulb in a dream.

You may discover that you dream often about particular animals. These may be called upon as guides and helpers.

To assist you with your dream journeying two articles about dreams from the Beyond the Rainbow site have been sent with this introduction. The first is "Dreams: the Keys to Creation;" the second is "Dream Crystals."

Journal Writing

If you are already using a particular form of journal writing which is effective for you your best choice is probably to continue with it, although there will be some specific techniques outlined in this course which will help to bring unconscious beliefs to the surface.

In addition, I recommend a method I have been using for the past seven years. It has helped me to work through many emotional blockages and has great enhanced my creativity (being the direct source for many of the articles in the Rainbow Reflections and Living with Crystals newsletters).

This method comes from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way (which I also highly recommend). Basically, it consists of writing three pages as soon as you get up (I do this after I write down my dreams).

An article about this method has also been sent with the introduction.

Question Reality

Though you won't officially begin the process of discovering and dissolving your beliefs until the next set of lessons there is a very good chance beliefs will start to surface. This is in part because you have now been exposed to the idea that everything you believe may not be true, and also because your initial dream and journal experiences will help to facilitate this surfacing process.

I encourage you to deliberately question reality, to consciously adopt the idea that what you have up until now accepted as facts may not be. I also encourage you to record those beliefs you discover. This will give you a head start for the next set of lessons.

Living Lightly

This is a good place to mention again, in case you think this course is going to be hard work, that this is a belief--and one which fits in nicely with the belief that one has to work hard to become prosperous.

There are no deadlines (think of the beliefs suggested by that word) for completion of the course or any of its sections. You are cordially invited to take all the time you like with it. This was already emphasized in the introduction, but it may be helpful for it to be repeated.

The one stipulation is that it will be most effective if you do something every day. This can help to remind you that you have an intention to create prosperity for yourself and renews your commitment to this goal. The contract agreement described in Section I is designed to help you do this.

It will be helpful for you not to think about this as homework. The assignments are purposely called "Homeplay." These are not assignments to dread or to be graded by a teacher or to be compared to the assignments of anyone else. They are for you. It's your life, your prosperity. And if you think that any of the assignments are terrible, or that this course is too hard you can always complain in your journal writing.

There will be times when you think this. It has to do with a human phenomenom called resistance to change. I experience it whenever I take any seminar or course designed for my personal transformation. I don't want to; life, if not ideal, is comfortable the way it is. Why should I leap into the unknown with all of its uncertainties? There is only one reason: because growing and transforming excites me, gives me a reason to get up in the morning, and fills my life with joy.

Our wish and intention for you is that you will also experience this, and that the experience of discovery and creation is as fulfilling for you as the results you will achieve. This is the purpose of this course.


  1. Begin to remember and record your dreams.
  2. Start some form of journal writing.
  3. Create a Goal

This is a more specific version of the vision you were asked to create as part of the homeplay for Section I.

We are not asking you to formally declare (to yourself or anyone else) a goal. We are asking you to begin to focus on how you are going to become more prosperous, which can mean:

  1. Making or Having More Money
  2. Having a Job/Career Which Fulfills You
  3. Making Wise and Profitable Investments

    Please note that these areas are not mutually exclusive.

  4. Begin to explore possibilities. You may draw on childhood or adult career dreams. You may think in a more directed way on what you already know you want--and please be open to the possibility that this may change. You may at this point simply open yourself to what life presents to you as possibilities.
  5. Make a list of what prosperity means to you. For example:
  6. Make out a contract for each week that you spend on this section. For example:

    I promise to record my dreams every day. I promise to begin thinking about my goals. I promise to make a list of what prosperity means to me.

    The promise may be the same for each week. This is fine. You'll be renewing your commitment.

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