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Do you find that in general:

All of the above used to be present for me. I particularly remember the getting-up-in-the morning ordeal. No alarm clock seemed loud enough to penetrate my sleep, and when I dragged myself out of bed it was with reluctance and resentment. There seemed little of pleasure to anticipate in the day, unless it was the weekend -- and even then, the shadow of Monday morning dimmed the brightness of my free days.

At work I grew progressively more tired as 5 p.m. approached. My grip on day-to-day activities was weak in comparison to my hold on that "someday" when life would be good.

Because I had trouble focusing I was anxious about getting things done (also anxious that I would get fired, which aroused money worries, survival fears, and related anxieties). Because I thought life would never get better I was depressed.

I frequently visited the chiropractor. I took every sick day I could (often with a legitimate excuse). I lived for vacations. I never seemed to have much energy.

I was an extreme case. (If I had been my boss I would have fired me.) However, I have learned from my own history that to the degree that we lack enthusiasm for our lives we will experience tiredness, depression/anxiety, an inability to concentrate, and physical pain.

A New Road

My attempts to change the external circumstances of my life seemed to get me nowhere, so I began to look within, exploring various personal-growth programs and reading metaphysical books. This created an opening, as I began to intellectually understand that I needed to change how I looked at things.

I examined my beliefs about work and remembered that my father believed (and not silently) that work was punishment, torture, an ordeal to be suffered only for the sake of survival. Furthermore, there was no way it would ever better. It was hopeless. I got this message on a daily basis, not only verbally, but by his general relief at being home, his need for a drink, the way he counted off days until the weekend, the weeks until his annual vacation.

Though I worked with affirmations to replace the beliefs I'd absorbed with new ones of my choosing I felt that something was missing. Then I learned about energy: how it gets blocked, and what those blockages mean both in terms of physical and emotional wellbeing and and in one's ability to make goals which have for so long been wishful thinking become reality.

Restoring the Balance

I believe that the universe is in essence a huge field of energy, and that every living thing is a particular concentration of energy, which is in the natural order of things constantly replenished by an unlimited supply.

Our natural state is to be fully receptive to universal energy and to draw it into ourselves so that we are in perfect health and balance on all levels of being. We draw it in when we breathe, when we walk on the earth, when we smell a flower, and any time we connect fully with another being.

It is, however, possible for us to not allow ourselves to be fully replenished by universal energy. We might, for example, be fully receptive to psychic experiences, but be resistant to receiving love. Someone who was betrayed in a love relationship might shut down the heart chakra in an attempt to avoid future pain.

When I looked at my own blockages I realized they were in the area of personal power and abundance (generally corresponding to the third chakra) and also in the area of survival (first chakra). Nothing could change for me because I wasn't allowing in the energy to dissolve the blockage and to create something new).

My physical pain related to the lower back and sciatic nerves, areas corresponding to the first chakra.

The Vibrational Connection

Although I have focused on the shutdown of particular chakras, it is also probable that a slowdown or shutdown of one chakra will ultimately affect one's overall energy. In such a situation people may be tired, bored, discouraged, depressed, in physical pain. On an energetic level, they are starving to death.

Thus, overall rebalancing of the chakras can be important. This is where crystals come in to play with us -- and where they began to make such a difference in my life, for the high and steady vibrations of crystals can help to release energy blockages and to open the being to receive universal energy.

I began to do chakra balancing meditations (see the end of this article for links to articles on Beyond the Rainbow), putting extra stones on the first and third chakras.

I began to feel both more relaxed and more energetic. With these encouraging results, I continued to explore crystals both through reading about them and by experimenting with various stones. I became so fascinated by them and convinced that they could help people that I decided to open a crystal store in New York City. I was nervous about leaving my steady job, but meditating with crystals helped me to release those fears.

Once I began working in the store, surrounded with crystalline energy, life began to open up in exciting ways. I learned about flower essences, and found them to be wonderful in releasing energy blockages.

Finally in 1992 I discovered the hands-on healing power of Reiki, and shortly after that left New York City to live in an environment where universal energy manifests in beautiful and healing ways. A few years after that Beyond the Rainbow came into being.

Now I wake up as early as 6 a.m., just because I want to be up. I'm eager to check the email, fill out orders, answer questions, correspond with the students in the chakra course, write articles for the newsletters and the web site. I am excited about my life. My health is good, and my mental/emotional state has never been better.

My path is probably not yours. I am not suggesting here that the way for all of you to improve your life is to follow in my footsteps. Everyone's path is unique to their own particular needs for self-expression, and for some the path involves looking at where they are with new eyes and new appreciation.

These are the stones I most frequently use for a chakra balancing meditation.

1st (chakra base of spine, feet): Smoky Quartz. This is a light grounder, which helps to balance the energies of spirit and matter. I also sometimes use hematite, which helps to deflect negativity, and set healthy boundaries.

2nd chakra (pelvic area): Carnelian. This crystal helps us to be grounded in the present.

3rd chakra (navel to solar plexus): Citrine. This is the stone for self-esteem and a sense of personal power. Also on the middle solar plexus I place rhodochrosite, for smooth, deep breathing.

4th chakra (heart): Rose quartz. This crystal is for unconditional self-love. I also sometimes use aventurine, for general balance, and pink calcite for expressing love to others. I often also use green calcite, for deep emotional healing, and relaxation of rigid beliefs.

5th chakra (throat): I may use any of the 5th chakra stones -- aquamarine, celestite, chrysocolla, turquoise, malachite-chrysocolla, larimar -- depending on my particular needs. Larimar, however, is a favorite.

6th chakra (third eye): Again, I believe in variety. When I feel that I need left-right brain balance I use moss agate. For insight I use azurite. For fear I work with charoite, and for resentment or guilt, sugilite.

7th chakra (crown of head:) I always use clear quartz, and sometimes add clear calcite.

Links to Related Articles

The Chakras gives brief descriptions of each chakra, lists stones associated with each, and gives the elements of chakra balancing. See also a description of our email course on the chakras. and a sample lesson.

Essential Energy

I also recommend the use of flower and other essences.

Olive (Bach) is an excellent remedy when you've gotten yourself completely run down or are recovering from an illness; while Hornbeam (Bach) is the ideal remedy for that first-thing-in-the-morning tiredness, a feeling which may go away once you are involved in the activities of the day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, Elm (Bach) is the recommended remedy; while those who take on too much and never ask for help can benefit from Oak (Bach).

Mustard (Bach) is the remedy for depression, particularly when it seems to come from out of nowhere and hangs over you like a black cloud.

For those whose energy is scattered Turtle (Wild Earth Animal Essences) helps to ground.

More Essentials

It can also be very valuable to work with grounding essential oils. These include myrrh, rosewood, sandalwood, and cedarwood.

Another way to ground and balance your energy is to smudge yourself and your environment. You can learn more about smudging.

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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