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The New Testament says, "In the beginning was the Word." In secular terms, this means that thought precedes form or manifestation. This concept has many applications to the Law of Attraction, which states that we get that on which we are most focused.

It has a special application to physical conditions. I've noticed that people often speak a condition before it manifests in their bodies.

Below I list some of the common phrases used with regard to various parts of the body. This list is not complete. It's meant to give you a general idea of this form of body language. Many of the statements are things we say about ourselves, but things we say about other people count, too.


He got under my skin.
I'm so thin-skinned.
I have an itch to . . .
I felt like crawling out of my skin (or my skin crawled at the thought).
I'm afraid I made a rash decision.


Get off my back.
Back off.
I have a backbreaking job.


I'm putting my foot down.
Stand on your own two feet.
Put your best foot forward.
Toe the line.


I can't stomach that.
It turns my stomach.


Hard hearted
Heart of stone


Give someone a hand.
She's a real handful.


Don't expect me to swallow that.
It gave me a lump in my throat.
It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
My heart was in my throat.


That has a bad smell to it.
She's awfully nosy.


I feel like I'm bearing the weight of the world.


What a headache he is.
She has a swollen head.
I dove in headfirst.

Listen to Yourself

In general, it's very useful to listen to ourselves. As humans, our mouths are often in motion ("motor mouth" is another telling phrase). The more we pay attention to the not-so-random things we say, the more able we become to track the kinds of messages we send to the universe and a better understanding of the results we get.

Consider the statements under Skin. What if someone is itching to do something and doesn't do it? What happens to all that desire and energy? Might it translate itself into a physical itch? And what if it leads to a rash decision?

Sometimes it's difficult to keep track of one's verbal expressions. This is where I recommend uncensored writing. See my summary of Julia Cameron's technique of writing three pages, as described in her book, The Artist's Way. The article is at

This technique has many values. One of these is seeing what phrases you use when your mind isn't censoring your verbal output.

Listen to Your Body

Consider where you have a particular physical pain and translate it to a mental/emotional pain.

  1. Specifically locate the pain.
  2. Specifically describe the pain: a dull ache, a sharp stab, a throb. Say to yourself, "This pain in the neck." See if you can trace the pain. Who is a pain in the neck in your life? Run through everyone who annoys you, and see if a neck pain comes up.

What is a pain in the neck? Difficulty in holding your head up? Difficulty in seeing something from all sides? A feeling of off with your head?

Human Energy Systems

The chakras are found in the aura, an electromagnetic force field that surrounds every living being. The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these energies in and from the physical body. Each part of the body has a corresponding chakra.

Those who work with modalities based on subtle energy (flower essences, crystals, Reiki) believe that illness first manifests in the realm of thought and feelings. Stress is an excellent example. The mind says, "I'm doing too much; I'm under pressure." This message translates into the emotional feeling of being burdened. Mind and emotions resist what we feel as a negative experience, and this creates energetic blockages.

If the mind and emotions continue to create resistance the blockage will eventually settle in whichever physical area is most vulnerable.

Chakra balancing can dissolve blockages before they become physical (although it can also be helpful with physical conditions). Crystals, being symmetrical in their molecular structure, radiate energy in a consistent and steady manner. When they're used in chakra balancing they can help to reestablish a healing, creative flow.

First Chakra (Feet to base of spine)

The first chakra represents our relationship with our physical bodies and with the material world. When balanced, its energy helps us to blend the physical and spiritual, and to eliminate that which is no longer needed for growth. When unbalanced, we may be afraid of life, feel like victims, withdraw from physical reality, or operate in our own interests only. Physical symptoms can include any difficulties with feet, legs, or lower back.

Second Chakra (just above the pelvic bone)

This chakra is most directly related to energy flow, as expressed in the flow of blood, and especially with the energies of sexuality and creativity. It is also deeply connected to the five physical senses. When it is unblocked people feel fully alive, energetic, spontaneous, guilt-free, and in full appreciation of their bodies. When it is unbalanced reproductive organ diseases, joint stiffness, and various blood disorders may result.

Third Chakra (navel and solar plexus area)

This is the chakra of physical and material power, with an emphasis on the ability to manifest one's hopes and dreams. It relates to expressing one's unique individuality in the physical world. When it is unblocked, people feel self-confident, have a clear sense of purpose, and pursue dreams which others would consider impossible. Imbalances appear as lack of self-confidence, insecurity about money or other physical things, and may also express itself in terms of being aggressive or using one's power to dominate others. Physical symptoms are usually digestive.

The Fourth Chakra (heart area)

This chakra relates to love and emotional well-being. When it is unblocked, we give love unconditionally and attract to ourselves those people who give us an abundance of love. When it is blocked we feel the lack of love in our lives as keenly as those with third-chakra blockages feel a lack of material security. Heart conditions are the most common physical symptoms.

Fifth Chakra (throat area)

This chakra governs communication and mental creativity. When it is balanced, we communicate easily and effectively with others in both written and verbal form. This includes being able to constructively express anger and other emotions. When it is blocked communication is difficult to impossible, and these may be the people who say, "I'm just not creative. Blockages can include excessive eating and drinking (good ways to keep the throat busy while preventing communication), and a range of respiratory diseases. Teeth and gum disorders fall into this category, as well.

Sixth Chakra (between eyebrows)

This is the psychic center, and, when unblocked, the source of intuition, ESP, and other psychic abilities. This chakra is particularly related to the fears of cultures which wish to believe only that which they can experiences with the physical senses, and blockages abound, including fear of the imagination, of dreams, and one's "irrational" intuitions. Physical symptoms of blockage may include persistent headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.

Seventh Chakra (crown of the head)

The seventh chakra is our direct connection to spirit. When it is balanced we understand our relationship with the universe. We dissolve the illusion that we are separate from other humans and other forms of life. We appreciate our uniqueness and our places as parts of the whole. When it is blocked we compare ourselves to others or to internal checklists (and usually find ourselves wanting). We feel lonely, we are afraid of death.

You can find an expanded article about the chakras

Chakra Balancing

If you are looking for in-depth information about the chakras and the opportunity to discover your own imbalances and how to correct them, please read about our Chakra course and see a sample course

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