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The Element of Water:
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire is the most individualistic and freedom loving of elements, Earth the most practical and grounded, Air the most rational and objective. Water is the most emotional, intuitive, empathetic, and nurturing.

Water people have a difficult time in cultures that value reason and logic. They grasp relationships, whether human, societal, or cosmic, on a nonverbal, intuitive, vibrational level. Air signs proceed logically from A to Z. Water signs rely on personal intuition to arrive at Z without even being aware of A or anything in between. When air signs impatiently ask them how they came to their conclusions, they say, "I just know."

Water tends to sink down and permeate everything with which it comes into contact. Those with strong water in their charts understand and appreciate emotions more than others. They would rather feel an emotion such as depression or moodiness than to feel nothing at all.

On the positive side, this allows them to be compassionate and nurturing. On the negative side, if they don't set emotional boundaries, they find it difficult to protect themselves from the negative emotions of others. They can then become the ones desperate for nurturing or possessive of those they need.

There's an immense creative aspect in the water element. Think of music, watercolor, poetry, dance, all flowing media. Often, though, a water person's creations remain in the realm of fantasy. It takes a certain amount of earth (or conscious discipline) to bring one's creations to physical reality.

Thus, earth in terms of grounding is probably a water person's greatest need, and all first chakra crystals are beneficial to Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They will probably be most drawn to the translucent ones, such as smoky and rutilated quartz, though the flash in tiger's eye may also draw their attention.

Fire can help them to consider their own needs (this can be the most self-sacrificing of elements). Red jasper, considered by some Native people to be the blood of the earth, is an especially good choice, as it is watery, yet grounding, Carnelian.

Water people who get out of mental balance may find sodalite and moss agate helpful for left brain/right brain harmony.

Cancer: Nurturing
June 21-July 20

Cancer's symbol, the crab, says a lot about this sign. This animal carries its home on its back, and home (which may be identified as family, group, or country) is important above all to Cancerians. This doesn't so much mean a physical structure as an emotional home, a structure of support and nurturance.

When they have this structure, those born under this sign gladly share their feelings of support with others. They nurture those around them with a deep sense of caring. They make ideal parents and best friends.

However, when Cancerians feel unloved and unnurtured, they regress emotionally. If their feelings are hurt, rather than respond in a confrontational way, they may withdraw into their shells and scuttle away. When they don't feel they're getting the love they need, they may become grasping (think of a crab's claws) or attached to material possessions as a substitute for love.

Probably the most important lesson for Cancerians to learn is that they are the source of their own nurturance and love. They can most benefit from learning to take care of themselves. Through nurturing themselves, they can learn to nurture others without strings (or claws) attached.

The Essential Cancer

With their focus on both family and safety, Cancerians tend to be among the most protective of parents (an attitude that can extend to others beyond their immediate or biological family). For them, emotional security and safety means knowing those they love are safe.

For their own sake (as well as for the sake of those they love), they need to develop an emotional security and trust that doesn't depend on knowing where their beloveds are at every moment of the day or night. Taking Red Chestnut (Bach) allows worried Crabs to step out of the limiting shell of over-concern, and to truly enjoy their family members--including those who leave the nest.

For more general fearfulness, Cancerians can be helped by Mimulus (Bach). This remedy, for known fears and timidity, can help Crabs to face situations rather than retreating from them.

They may also benefit from the energies of another water creature, Dolphin (Wild Earth Animal Essences). Another family-oriented animal, Dolphin also represents the ability to communicate effectively (a talent Cancerians sometimes lack) and unconditional love.

Crystals for Cancerians

Moonstone and Cancer represent one of the closest astro-gemological relationships. The moon rules this sign, and Moonstone helps to stabilize Cancerian emotions, especially when caring becomes overconcern for their loved ones.

Sodalite can help clear up emotional confusion in the Crab and help them to be mentally grounded.

For those Cancerians who use food as their refuge from emotional issues, citrine and peridot can help. Both of these crystals can also assist Cancer in developing deeper self-esteem.

Scorpio: Transformation
October 21-November 20

Scorpio often has an undeserved negative reputation. Its best known symbol is the Scorpion, a creature known for its sting. Scorpios can also have a sting, but it takes a lot of goading for them to unleash it. Once they've been pushed beyond their endurance, they are the most likely of the water signs to fight back.

Whereas Cancerians need above all to be loved, Scorpios need most to be understand, and this challenges them because what they feel is so deep and often profound that they have difficulty communicating it. Often they'd rather not speak at all than be misunderstood.

Those Scorpios who've mastered the ability to communicate what they feel can be of great service to others. Of all the water signs, Scorpio most wants to explore emotional depths. Their love of this makes them excellent psychotherapists, as does their desire to assist others in transformation.

Transformation is an important keyword for Scorpio. Another of their symbols is the Phoenix, the mythical creature which rises reborn from its ashes. Scorpios are capable of understanding that life is a constant process of letting go of the old and of transforming. Because they are eager to experience this process, they may tend to live dramatically.

This sign's greatest need is to deepen communication skills, to learn to describe and share what it experiences, so that they can feel understood and appreciated and the rest of us can benefit from their profound wisdom.

The Essential Scorpio

A Scorpio's deepest need is to be understood, but many of them have detoured off that path, deciding if they can't be understood, they'd better be in charge. While a Cancerian worries about those (s)he loves, a Scorpio is more likely to exercise control in a needy way. Lacking the the ability to communicate his/her true needs, the Scorpio may instead demand attention and/or obedience.

Chicory (Bach) is a helpful remedy for this sign. It helps to defuse and dissolve the neediness associated with the unbalanced Chicory personality, allowing those who need it to begin to understand their true needs.

Once they are aware of these needs, they need to express them, to themselves and possibly to others. The article on communication at describes a number of helpful crystals and some essences.

To avoid the Scorpionic sting, Calendula (FES) is a helpful remedy that assists in gentleness of speech.

Crystals for Scorpio

In addition to the crystals described in the article above, Scorpios can especially benefit from black obsidian. The sign and the crystal share an affinity for the planet Pluto, considered by many to be the planet of transformation, of powerful change emerging from deep within. As obsidian is dedicated to truth, so Scorpio is dedicated to honesty of feeling.

Communication can be a major issue for a Scorpio. Blue lace agate can soften the Scorpion's sting when it communicates with others.

Though Scorpio is a water sign, it's fixed water, which can also be translated as ice. Thus this sign can be emotionally rigid. Carnelian, relating to flow, can help melt a Scorpio's emotions.

Rhodonite helps to transform this sign's fixed and sometimes judgmental nature into patience.

Pisces: Transcendence
February 21-March 20

Perhaps more than any other sign, a Piscean may express an evolved or unevolved awareness. In principle, this sign represents the transcendence of the self as an isolated united and submersion in the great sea of cosmic consciousness.

This can be seen as total self-sacrifice of one's needs and selfless devotion to the needs of others. It may also be seen as a state in which one is free of the separating limitations of ego and receptive to the flow of life-giving source energy.

I know many Pisces Suns and Moons. Often they feel they should be self-sacrificing, but intuitively want to experience the flow of source energy. Torn, they may simulate a feeling of flow through addictions (the Fish is Pisces' symbol, and the saying, "drinks like a fish" has relevance here). They can also sink to the bottom of the cosmic sea by feeling victimized and sorry for themselves.

A tendency to merge is part of the sign, and all Pisces are challenged by their enormous sensitivity to the emotions of others. They have difficulty creating boundaries and easily pick up psychic impressions. They also can have trouble distinguishing fantasy from physical reality. Even when they can separate the two, some find that dwelling in a realm of fantasy protects them from the vibrations of others.

Being able to choose their boundaries is Pisces' most vital need. Once they know they can do this, they feel more comfortable in physical existence and find themselves more likely to flow freely from imagination to earth. When they can do this, their creativity is as boundless as the sea.

Essential Pisces

Clematis has a particular affinity with the sign of Pisces. Pisceans are also dreamy, idealistic, and lack a firm grip on physical reality. Often they withdraw because they are hyper-sensitive to the suffering of others and cannot bear that pain. The remedy Clematis may help them to connect more firmly with the earth plane and enable them to consciously sever their identification with suffering.

In the positive state both Clematis people and Pisceans can make wonderful artists, practical idealists, and healers.

Crystals for Pisces

Aquamarine is a comforting crystalline sea for Pisces, allowing this sign to to swim in the universal feeling of oneness which is this sign's highest expression.

When in contact with other humans, a Piscean has a greater need for psychic and emotional boundaries. The crystal most helpful for this is hematite. Hematite also helps Pisceans to feel grounded.

Smoky quartz, as a crystal which is both lightly grounding and of assistance in manifesting ideas into physical reality, is especially valuable for the fish.

Amethyst, a combination, of red and blue, has just enough warmth in it to comfort this water sign.

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