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Young children soon learn that they need other people for survival, security and love, and that in order to fulfill these needs they must communicate. They also learn very quickly that how they communicate determines how well these needs are satisfied. Angry words can create rejection; tears can lead to contempt--and these are only a few of the many ways in which we can come to feel that our communications aren't successful.

When we feel misunderstood or that we're not heard; when we believe that communicating what we feel and think causes us to be rejected, opening our mouths can begin to feel like a very risky business. If we find that our requests are denied or that we can't find the words which will motivate others to join us in realizing a project or dream we feel disempowered and possibly unloved. We think twice before we speak; we may choose to not express our feelings and thoughts.

When we repeatedly make this choice the throat chakra becomes blocked, which can make self-expression even more difficult, and may push our more troublesome and problematic thoughts and feelings so far below the surface that we become less and less aware of them. What's the use of getting upset if you can't do anything about it or of having a dream if no one will share it?

In my experience with counseling and teaching Reiki I have seen that throat chakra blockages are probably more widespread than other others. With this in mind I am devoting this issue of Living with Crystals to some of the principal crystals which can help to open up and empower our communications with others.

(In a future issue I will describe the blue stones which are connected to subtle communications, such as with angels, with your creative essence, and other forms).

Blue Lace Agate: Opening Self-Expression

I feel that this stone is the most fundamental one for opening the ability to communicate fully. In general agates relate to grounding--feeling comfortable in one's body. When we have this kind of comfort our energy flows more easily.

In addition, its pale blue color is very soothing, and its energy helps one to easily open the throat chakra. Its gentle qualities are also helpful when emotions have long been held in, as with old grievances. Often anger inspires us to make up for years of non communication with one explosive burst of rage. The cooling energy of blue lace agate assists one to express feelings in a more peaceful way.

To meditate with this stone for the purpose of peaceful self-expression either hold it or place it on the throat. Imagine the situation in which and the person to whom you intend to communicate. If you feel anger allow it to be and allow it to dissolve. Visualize yourself speaking calmly and peacefully. Then program the stone, and have it close at hand for your actual conversation.

Amazonite: For Courage in Self-Expression

While blue lace agate is for generally opening the throat center, amazonite, a beautiful blue-green stone (sometimes with white streaks), is very helpful for the kinds of communications we'd often prefer not to make.

You would like to speak to your dearly beloved about her habit of spending hours at a time on the telephone (you may think that some peoples' throat chakras are too open). You are months overdue for a raise, and it's time to speak to your boss. The neighbors don't seem to realize that you can hear their music as well as they can.

I wouldn't abandon the blue lace agate just yet, as there is potential for anger in any of these communications; often, though, people find themselves afraid to risk what could become a confrontation.

This is where amazonite becomes of value. In any situation in which you dread speaking, are afraid that your voice may shrink to an embarrassing squeak, or that you may say, "Oh, never mind, it isn't really important," this crystal can can be very beneficial to wear or carry. When you program it in advance, visualizing a peaceful conclusion, it's even more helpful.

Turquoise: Sharing Your Dreams

Difficult as it can be to speak out in order to change a situation which you feel is unfair, many people find it even more challenging to ask for help. Turquoise, a crystal which is found in the United States, France, Tibet, China, Africa, and other parts of the world, is a valuable stone for this purpose.

Turquoise has affinities to the earth (it is a grounding stone) and to the sky, whose color it reflects. Both Native American and Tibetan traditions call this crystal the bridge from heaven to earth. Thus turquoise can help our dreams, which originate in spirit (heaven) travel to earth, where they can manifest.

It is also believed in Native tradition that when turquoise is attached to a bow, the arrow fired will reach its target. We can use this as an analogy for the ability of turquoise to help us reach our goals.

Often we find that our dreams manifest more quickly and powerfully when we have the help of others. Turquoise is believed to attune to one's personal energies and to reflect those energies. It also helps us to tune in to the energies of others. Because of this it can be helpful both for clarifying and communicating the energy of your desires and dreams, and for understanding how others can benefit from the realization of your dream and how to enroll them in its fulfillment.

Rhodonite: The Patient Stone

Rhodonite isn't blue, but I feel that it is invaluable for a very important aspect of communication: patience.

Human communication is sometimes a delicate relationship. We may interpret ideas differently; we may have reasons for not wanting to hear what is being said; we may simply not understand or communicate clearly. In such instances impatience can close the doors to communication entirely--and sometimes permanently.

This also applies to nonverbal communication. Imagine that you're standing on a long line which is moving so slowly that you may grow old on it. Maybe you start moving around impatiently or grumble quietly (maybe not so quietly). Maybe you glare at the clerk or teller. Imagine how well (s)he'll take care of you when it's your turn. Carry rhodonite.

When you are going to make one of those phone calls where you may be put on hold hold rhodonite. I personally believe that it's one of the most important stones to have around at all times.

From Bud to Flower

There are several flower and other essences which are very helpful in empowering communication.

I find a great similarity in the energies of blue lace agate and Calendula (FES). This essence, which is especially recommended for communication in personal relationships. It is very valuable for people who find themselves sinking into arguments and anger.

Trumpet Vine (FES) has a connection to both amazonite and turquoise. It is helpful for those who feel intimidated or shy about speaking out, and is especially useful for group situations. For people who find it difficult to speak in ways which are enthusiastic and inspiring to others it gives a warm and colorful quality to communication.

Impatiens (Bach) relates strongly to rhodonite. This essence (which can be used as a single essence and is also found in Rescue Remedy) helps us to not become impatient with others, especially with others whom we perceive as slow. (People in strong need of Impatiens are often of a very high intelligence.)

We know that dolphins communicate both verbally and through sonar. In addition, they are connected to both water (which traditionally represents emotions) and air, which symbolizes communication. The Dolphin Wild Earth Animal Essence can help us to say what we feel.

Here are some other articles you may find helpful: People Who Need People is about the fear people have of making requests. Love Talk provides a number of ideas about how to communicate effectively in your closest relationships.

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