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In an earlier newsletter, Communicating with Spirit, I described crystals and flower essences which can assist us in generally opening the throat chakra and in person-to-person communication. This article is called Communicating with Spirit

In this article I will describe some more subtle forms of communication, including deep-level human communication, communication with beings other than human, and with our own deepest wisdom.

Celestite: Touch the Sky

Sometimes in order for true communication with ourselves to happen, it is most helpful to quiet the chatter within: the circular and repetitive worries, the reliving of arguments (often rescripted to our advantage), the anticipation of unpleasantness. The above mind games build walls which limit our ability to go beyond the words we've already thought too many times.

A beautiful crystal for helping us to do this is celestite. This stone is the color of the sky, and as gazing quietly at the sky can remind us of how small our worries really are, so celestite can help one to calm an over-active mind. In quieting the mind it also teaches us how to develop peaceful receptivity, a state which helps us to experience deep communication.

Aquamarine: Stone of the Sea

As celestite, in reminding us of the vastness of the sky, helps to calm a restless and overburdened mind, so aquamarine (which literally means water of the sea in Latin) helps to cool fiery and painful emotions.

When we are emotionally upset we are out of balance in ourselves. We have used a natural passion for life to feed emotions such as anger, envy, despair. when we focus on these emotions we lose touch with our natural rhythms.

One of the most powerful ways to return to balance is to spend some time by (or in) the sea. As ocean waves wear away the rough edges of rocks so oceanic energies smooth and cool our emotions.

If you aren't close to the sea aquamarine is a good substitute. Not only does it smooth emotions it sharpens intuition so that you can better understand and appreciate what you're feeling, thus helping to end the automatic resistance to "negative" emotions.

When we are at peace with who we are, when we are quiet within we can most easily communicate with beings from other realms of existence.

Angelite: Talking to the Angels

As far as the question of angels is concerned, we are living in enlightened times. Probably a majority of the people in the United States believe that angels are all around us and that their intention is to help us. When we directly establish communication with them their ability to help us is even greater.

Beautiful blue angelite is not only for angelic contact. It is also believed to be very helpful in telepathic communication when two people who are separated each hold a stone. It can also be used to contact one's animal spirit guide.

I imagine, though, that it is principally used to contact the angels. This crystal is perhaps the most popular stone at Beyond the Rainbow, which suggests that more and more people are not only believing in angels but eager to communicate with them. This is good news for all of us; the more angels are invited to participate in human life the more their peaceful and loving energies will enfold our planet with harmony.

Chrysocolla: The Goddess Crystal

Much has been written elsewhere about the importance of restoring a balance of masculine and feminine (or yin and yang) energies, both in our personal lives and for the general rebalancing of our planet. A stone which seems to have been created with this in mind is chrysocolla, a deep blue-green crystal which bears a striking resemblance to the earth itself. Because of its appearance it is often used in meditations and ceremonies intended to foster planetary healing.

Many crystal practitioners (myself included) feel that it is a feminine lunar stone which radiates those qualities -- patience, compassion, forgiveness -- associated with nurturing goddess figures (not all goddesses are nurturing) such as Kwan Yin, the Celtic goddess Brigid, or the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet.

I have experienced that one can also call on these goddess energies while holding chrysocolla in meditation (or placing it on the heart or throat center). Whether we wish to be kinder, more compassionate, or to share the possibility of peace, the assistance of the goddesses can help us in both individual and global balance.

Larimar: A Dolphin's Dream

To communicate with angels and other entities, to be in contact with an animal spirit guide or goddess, and to feel the profound quiet of one's own being, are deep and private experiences. They help to teach us who we really are, beyond the chatter of the mind and the passions of the heart.

There comes a time in the lives of most of us, though, when we desire to communicate who we are to others, for it is often in relationship with others that we are most able to change and grow. The stone which most invites us to emerge from the depths of communion with ourselves and spiritual beings is larimar.

I experience this as the dolphin stone. The dolphin is an animal which is at home in water and which equally enjoys leaping in the air. It is capable of many kinds of communication. It cares deeply for those of its pod.

Larimar enables us to be deeply rooted in our own soul essence and to communicate that essence with others in the spirit of tranquility. It reminds us, as well, that while life, like the skies and seas, may appear changing and impermanent, the peace of the soul is eternal.

Aqua Aura: Self-Expression Through Service to Others

The purpose of this crystal is best expressed by the following quote from Deepak Chopra:

"Everyone has a purpose in life...a unique or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals."

Inherent in this statement is the idea that each of us is a unique aspect of a universal whole, much as a quartz cluster is composed of many individual unique points which are beautiful in their own right and which add to the overall beauty of the cluster.

It is appropriate that aqua aura is quartz crystal coated with gold, that most precious of metals. In combination they create a transparent stone of deep aquamarine, the color of communication.

Aqua aura helps us to discover our soul's purpose for being, to learn what makes each of us unique. It assists us in finding ways to share ourselves in a way which deepens our appreciation and enjoyment of who we are while contributing to the larger family of consciousness.

Companion Essences

In the negative White Chestnut (Bach) condition repetitive mental conversations and arguments have become so much a part of one's being that they are taken for granted, as the state of tension created by never being able to quiet the mind. The White Chestnut essence helps to release this destructive, allowing one to consider problems and challenges calmly and to come up with creative solutions from an uncluttered mind.

Angelica (FES) helps us to communicate with angels and receive protection and guidance from them. It is often said that the angels are eager to help us; all we have to do is ask. This flower essence helps us to ask.

Forget-Me-Not (FES) also relates to communication with non-physical beings, in this case, those souls who have gone on to another dimension. For those who are lost in grief and sorrow this flower essence gives the opportunity to resolve and release those feelings.

Cosmos (FES), in additions to its gift of helping us to organize our thoughts into verbal expression, can also help us to communicate with animals.

Dolphin (Wild Earth Animal Essences) was a featured remedy in the first installment of the communication articles. This remedy is also very helpful for communication on psychic and spiritual levels.

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