I must admit that last New Year's Eve I wasn't paying so much attention to what I wanted to create for the year 2000 - except for one thing. I wanted the lights to stay on, the phones and computer to work. As the earliest humans no doubt prayed for the sun to rise I prayed for electricity.

As we all know, my prayers and those of countless others were answered, and this year I have taken a somewhat more organized approach to my intentions for the next one. Part of my planning involves the creation of contracts.

A Formal Agreement

In the past I've written about the power of affirmations, and given suggestions for creating them. I continue to use affirmations, but have found that they are even more powerful when they are placed in the context of a contract.

Here is an example of a contract I have made with myself for the New Year.

By the end of the year 2001 I am free of feelings of victimization. I am a powerful and responsible being.

In support of this goal I:

  1. Recognize when I am acting and feeling like a victim.
  2. Fully forgive my father for teaching me the power of being a victim.
  3. Appreciate the benefits being a victim has given me.
  4. Take appropriate flower essences and meditate with appropriate crystals to release the block energy of victimization.
  5. In distant healing meditation, call on a particular guide to assist me with releasing victimization.
  6. In writing my morning pages I give particular attention to the issue of victimization.

This particular contract is about releasing a deep emotional blockage. I have recognized that this blockage has prevented me from realizing material goals, the achievement of which might threaten my cherished victim status.

In creating the contract I chose to focus on major components of the blockage, and also to discover the benefits of being a victim. Once I've discovered those benefits I may create another contract which will outline what I will do to create more empowering benefits to replace the old ones.

This is not my only contract for the year, but I believe its fulfillment is the prerequisite for the fulfillment of my more materially-oriented agreements with myself.

Creating Your Own Contract(s)

Ask yourself these questions:

Example: You want to be a successful artist, but the art world is entirely based on who you know. People only buy what's fashionable. True talent isn't recognized. What's the use of trying?

Keep on thinking about this and/or (my preference) writing down your thoughts. (The above, by the way, has a suspicious flavor of Victim.) Keep on exploring the subject until you've gotten to an underlying emotion or way of being which feels true for you.

Then step back. Examine this emotion objectively. Ask yourself how it entered your life. How long have you had it? Who else in your family has it? How has it served you? What can you do about it?

The answers to these questions form the basis for the content of your contract.

Choosing Your Words

  1. In writing about the intended change write in the present tense, not "I will be but "I am." Give yourself a time frame by which the intended change occurs.
  2. Say both what you're releasing and how you will be after that release.
  3. Make your goal achievable, and make it a stretch. I do not expect to be a fully realized being by the end of the year. I intend to be powerful and happy.
  4. Be specific about what you intend to do to create the change.

    Choose a Witness

    You will have created a powerful document. You can, however, give it even more power by choosing someone to witness.

    Witnessing means more than merely cosigning the contract. Your witness is someone who supports you in your commitments. You and (s)he can decide what this means. I would recommend a conversation about your progress in keeping your commitment at least once every two weeks.

    This means choosing someone you trust and with whom you are in regular contact. Ideally, it should also be someone for whom you would be willing to be a witness if they choose to create a contract for themselves. A spouse or partner can be a good choice. If you are creating a contract in the area of emotional or physical well-being, and regularly visit a practitioner you may choose to ask him/her to be your witness.

    If you're in a family situation with children you can make a huge difference in family relations by raising the idea of each member creating a contract regarding what they can do to increase family harmony.

    Progress Reports

    Once you have your contract, actions, and support system set up, I recommend you review your progress on a weekly basis.

    1. Summarize what you've learned about your blockage. "(I remembered my father had wanted to be an artist when he was younger, but because he was married with a baby [me!] he felt he had to get a steady job. I discovered an underlying feeling of guilt that because of me he couldn't realize his dream. This has helped to keep me from pursuing my own dream.")
    2. What you learn may suggest the value of certain crystals and essences. For example, the Bach Flower Remedy Pine and the crystal sugilite can be helpful for guilt.
    3. Anticipate events during the coming week which may be related to your issue. Are you going to ask for a raise? Deal with a difficult client? Visit your parents? Plan ways to respond to these situations which reflect your commitment to change.
    4. In your weekly review go over your handling of these situations. Remembering those which you've approached with a new response will encourage you in your commitment. Write about those in which you responded in your usual way to see what stopped you. ("I don't like to talk about personal things to my parents; they'll think I'm blaming them." "My boss intimidates me; I'm afraid of rejection." "I'm afraid if I really dig down deep into my psyche I'll find something awful.")

    Accept these fears. They've worked for years to protect you. Understand that you don't need them any more. You've made a commitment to release them, and you are as powerful as your commitment.

    And that's very powerful.

    Crystals and Essences to Further Your Commitment

    Each blockage or challenge will call for the use of particular crystals and essences. There are, however, some which apply to the general business of release and transformation.


    In general, it can be very powerful to program a crystal to deepen your commitment. See for an article on programming.

    Any of the crystals described below can be usefully programmed.

    All of the calcites can be valuable, as they help you to view reality from a different perspective. Clear calcite can help you to imagine the new life you are creating as an actual reality. Green calcite helps to release emotional and mental rigidities. Pink calcite opens the heart to receive and give love. Golden calcite is especially helpful in areas of everyday life: home, work, etc.

    Obsidian is useful for those who need an extra push to look at their lives honestly. Its impact can be softened by rose quartz, which will enable you to look at yourself and see what needs to be changed while loving yourself for who you are right now.

    Chrysanthemum stone can help you to grow and flower gracefully.

    Herkimer diamond is a very helpful crystal for releasing emotional blockages.


    I think first of Butterfly (Wild Earth Animal Essences). Imagine a butterfly which said, "Well, I just think I'll stay in my safe cocoon and forget about turning into a fragile creature with wings." Butterfly essence gently assists the process of transformation, and helps you to keep your goal clearly in mind.

    Deer (Wild Earth Animal Essences), known principally for gentleness, is also an animal which knows how to stay on its path. This essence will lend purposeful direction to your transformational journey.

    Impatiens (Bach) is a good remedy for people who want to be transformed yesterday. It teaches patience with the process.

    Trumpet Vine (FES) is valuable if communication difficulties are part of your challenge. It helps one to make clear and assertive communications.

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