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I have found your site to be extremely helpful in my work. I look very forward to your newsletters. I love you and what you do! Your website is the best I have found on everything I do in my life. I refer people to it all the time. You and your partner are truely inspiring!

--Linda Flowers, Reiki Master/Teacher, Bach Flower Practicitioner, Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to tell you how marvelous all your crystal newsletters are helping me in my study of Crystal Reiki. I am also utilizing the Crystal Questionnaire and love the descriptions of the stones-less complicated to remember. I have MS and Fibromyalgia and my mental acuity has really suffered as a result. But your website and newsletters really do help! --Janis Church

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Articles on Working with Crystals

A Crystal FAQ

A good starting point, with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about crystals.

Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?

This online pamphlet summarizes clearing, charging, and programming crystals. It also provides information on other ways to use crystals, including in meditation. Follow the links inside this article for more detailed information on all of these subjects and more.

NewPyrite and the Fool's Journey For me, the idea of the Fool demonstrates that those who think, feel, and act with the trust that all will be well open themselves to infinite inner wisdom.

Guides to Choosing Crystals

Expanded Descriptions of Crystals

The Emotional First-Aid Kid This chart correlates crystals, flower essences, and essential oils to different emotional conditions.

Crystals and the Chakras

Email Course on Crystals and the Chakras Learn about crystals, essential oils, flower essences - and yourself.

Deepening Our Roots: The Dark Stones Each of these stones connects us in its unique way to the energies of being grounded,i.e., being expressed spirit in physical form.

"Touch the Earth: A Deeper Look at Grounding Crystals We think of black and dark brown as the colors of grounding crystals, but grounding stones exist for each chakra and can help those who need to touch the earth more often.

Green Crystals: Healing and Balancing A closer look at emerald, aventurine, green calcite, green tourmaline, and malachite-chrysocolla, five principal healing stones.

The Solar Plexus: Feeling Good Take a Deep Breath and Release Emotions.

Communicating with Spirit and Communicating To Spirit These two articles describe the communication stones in detail so that you can choose the ones best for you.

The Wisdom of Night: The Dark Blue Stones Azurite, lapis, sodalite, kyanite, and labradorite are guides to your inner wisdom.

Release and Renewal: The Purple Stones The kind of healing accomplished by the purple ray is that of mental/emotional release, which leads to a deeper communion with non-physical aspects of self.

Going with the Flow Crystals to help create energy flow through the chakras.

Black and White Learn the power of contrast, as expressed in crystal combinations.

Crystals and the Chakras, a guide to energetic balance.

Complementary Colors Green cools the red fire of anger. In balancing a condition, look for its opposite.

A Guide to the Chakras

Stone Placement: Part I For those crystals that don't seem to match any chakra. Includes Opal, Moonstone, Labradorite, and Picasso Jasper.

Stone Placement: Part II Includes Tiger's Eye, Tiger Iron, Moss Agate, Moldavite, Chrysocolla.

Guides to Working with Crystals

Being with Crystals People often write to us, describing their crystals and asking what their particular physical elements mean: a tiny cluster of points on a larger point, an unusual veil in a sphere, the heart-shaped design they find on a sodalite sphere. While we can define features such as rainbows, Isis crystals, double-terminated points, and other formations, every crystal has qualities that go beyond standard classification.

Being with Crystals: A Beginning Living with Crystals is more fun and more powerful when you get to know them first.

How Long? does it take for crystal or essences to work?

Crystal Clearing It's not just cleaning; clearing your crystals energizes them, and makes their energies more powerful.

Crystal Tuneup: Charging Your Stones Crystals can be charged with particular energies, such as that of the sun and the moon, for special, focused energy.

You and Your Crystals: Partners in Creation Crystals are earth angels, eager to help you realize your dreams. This article gives some ways to work with them.

Roller Coasters and Merry-go-Rounds Some crystals may seem overpowering in their energies. This article describes them, how to make friends with them, and how to substitute similar, but less overwhelming crystals, for them.

The Crystal Connection How crystals play, a not-very-scientific explanation of crystals' vibrations and how they can interact with human consciousness for purposes of change and transformation.

Dream Crystals When we're asleep we're both physically and emotionally more receptive to the energy of crystals.Thus crystals can do some very special work while our eyes are closed.

How to Play with Crystals There are no rules, only guidelines. Here are our ideas on crystal decor, programming stones, meditating with them, and a brief introduction to chakra layouts in meditation.

Crystals and Essences Vibrations Plus: a number of ways to combine the energies of crystals and essences.

In the Company of the Stone People Dan EagleBear, a Lower Creek (Muscogee) Indian, shares some of his beliefs and feelings about crystals.


Meditation 101: First You Breathe Meditation can be easy. Just take a deep breath.

Meditation Made Easier: The exercises in this article can improve your ability to meditate.

The following is a series of articles on meditating with individual crystals.





Crystals and Astrology

Reaching for the Stars: Part One: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Sun Signs, Crystals, and Essences.

Reaching for the Stars: Part Two: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Sun Signs, Crystals, and Essences.

Reaching for the Stars: Part Three: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius Sun Signs, Crystals, and Essences.

Reaching for the Stars: Part Four: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo Sun Signs, Crystals, and Essences.

Articles on Individual Crystals

Amber: Liquid Sunshine Amber can be healing in more ways than you may have imagined.

Focus on Charoite: The Fear Finder Charoite is useful for discovering and dissolving both known and unknown fears.

Hematite: Protecting Us From Ourselves

Moonstone: For Emotional Balance

Opal: The Emotional Rainbow

Rose Quartz: Where Love Begins

Kyanite: The Blade of Light

Lapis: Discovering Your Divinity

Smoky Quartz: Grounded in the Light

Sodalite: Higher Ground

Tiger's Eye: Patience and Courage

Ruby: Fire and Passion

Crystals and Love

Ways to Create Love 28 Ways to Create More Love In Your Life.

Love Potions: A guide to choosing crystals and flower essences for those emotional issues which can disturb the best of relationships.

The Vibrations of Love Unconditional self-love opens the doors to loving others. These crystals and essences can help attune you to the vibrations of love.

RX for Valentines Are you impatient with or subservient to the one you love? Is it difficult to let go of old relationships? Do you worry about present ones ending? This article can help.

Crystals and Abundance

The Colors of Abundance Pyrite is more than fool's gold and prosperity is more than money. This article, excerpted from our email course, Your Prosperity Journey, takes a comprehensive look at the abundance crystals.

The Golden Stones: Self-esteem, Personal Power, and Abundance

Crystals for All Occasions

Crystals for New Beginnings For the New Year or any time you want a fresh start crystals can add power to your affirmations and resolutions.

Making a Contract You can give power to your affirmations and wishes by making a contract to fulfill them.

Traveling with Crystals From fear of flying to creating a sacred journey, crystals can help.

Crystal Holidays De-stress your holidays with crystals.

Crystals for Emotional Well-being

Mind and Matter: Crystals for Energy Balance Tired? Bored? Crystals can get your energy moving again.

Sharpen the Focus Ways to narrow down your choices for crystals and essences.

High Anxiety Take a deep breath and reach for a crystal.

Fear: the Ultimate Roadblock In some ways fear is a more basic emotion than anxiety and worry, and it is one which is designed to help us survive.

The Weight of Worry Though worry is universal, it's not incurable. Though once an Olympic-class worrier, I have learned to help myself with crystals, flower essences, and essential oils.

Drawing the Line Do you find yourself taking on the negative emotions of others? Learn how to set boundaries.

Higher Ground Some people are rooted on earth, some stuck in the stars. This article describes crystals and essences for grounding and balance.

Singing the Blues: Dealing with Depression The vibrational way.

Dealing with Grief. How crystals, flower essences, essential oils, and meditation can help.

Miscellaneous Crystal Information

"My Crystal Disappeared" and Other Traumatic Tales A brief guide to strange but true crystal experiences.

Shapely Stones Eggs nurture and give birth to your dreams; spheres help to bring them to completion. Learn more about crystal shapes and how to work with them.

Gem Essences: Liquid Crystal Gem essences work in much the same way as flower essences, helping to dissolve energetic blockages on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. And you can make them yourself.

Crystal Children Introduce crystals to the children and young people in your life.

Crystals Through the Ages The next time someone tells you crystals are a New Age fad astonish (or at least surprise) them with the information in this article.

Meditation for the Millenium This is a useful meditation for any time when you want to initiate change.

Focus on Crystals

Pyrite, Calcite, Fluorite: The Mental Trinity On their own, each of these crystals has helpful energies. When they are used for various stages of the creative/manifesting process, they can be invaluable.

Balancing Act Times of mental and emotional confusion, dissatisfaction, and physical and mental exhaustion are warning signs that we need to restore ourselves to balance. Here are some crystals that can help.

Rainbow Crystal Every life deserves many rainbows, and crystals provide them.

Crystal Healing Working with crystals may help to relieve the emotional components of illness.

Essences, Energy Work, and Well-being

Body By Bach: Part 1 and 2 Bach Flower Remedies aren't specifically for physical healing, but their effect on emotions can make you feel better all over. You'll find a link to the second part of this article at the end of the first.

Body Talk How you talk may indicate or influence your health.

EFT: How to Have Emotional Freedom at Your Fingertips.

Emotions and Animal Essences Studying the behavior of animals can guide us to an understanding of them as our emotional guides.

Bad Emotional Habits A guest article by a colleague and friend AND essence expert on emotions and the essences that relieve them.

The Essence of Creativity: Bach Flower Remedies for Designing Your Life

The Acid Test Awareness is increasing about the importance of making body chemistry more alkaline through what we eat, but we think and feel are equally important.

Communicating with Plants You Can Do It.

Bad Emotional Habits and How to Break Them A guest article by Donna Cunningham, M.S.W.

I just wanted you to know that I "live" on your web-site. I am very much into crystals and reiki and hope one day to open my own vibrational healing retreat in Trinidad, W.I. where i'm from. I'm 23 and in the process in weaving my dreams into the earth plane. no matter how many times i go onto your web-site on crystals, i always manage to find something useful for my own growth.

I get an awesome feel from you and your work, and think that it takes a person who is extremely comfortable in their own uniqueness to be able to allow themselves to be used as a channel for universal wisdom, light and love to flow for the greater good of all. You have a fan in the Caribbean cheering you on. keep up the inspirational work and thank you for sharing your light with the world. ---Roberto

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