"My Crystal Disappeared"
And Other Traumatic Tales

Lately, Beyond the Rainbow has been getting an unusual number of emails describing crystal woes. Happily, we've also been hearing some "success" stories.

As both kinds of stories come with requests for explanations, I've decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in this issue of Living with Crystals.

Practical Questions: Heat, Cold, and Water:
"I Left My Crystal By a Hot Stove . . . ."

Avoid doing this. Reports include color fading, internal fractures forming, and other alterations in crystals' appearance.

Heat affects crystals. Many types of crystals are formed by intense heat. Quartz forms at temperatures of 200 degrees and above. Obsidian, associated with volcanic activity, forms when lava cools quickly on the surface. Heat not only forms many crystals; it can also alter their composition.

Take no chances. Intense heat can cause any crystal to either explode or implode (shatter inside). Don't expose your crystals to high temperatures. This means: don't leave them outside when it's very hot; don't put them on top of radiators or near stoves or any appliances that generate significant heat.

Also be careful about direct sunlight. Amethyst, rose quartz, celestite, and aventurine are some of the crystals that can fade if exposed to long-term sunlight. I avoid exposing any of my crystals in this way.

Based on the reports of some customers, when their hands generate intense heat, this can also affect crystals. If you've been doing any kind of healing, or if you're undergoing energetic changes that make your hands hot, consider not handling your crystals while these changes are taking place. I don't mean forever. I mean immediately after doing healing work or while your hands are hot

In terms of temperature, it's also not a good idea to leave crystals outside in very cold weather. I wouldn't risk keeping them outside at temperatures below freezing. A good general rule is to avoid any temperature extremes.

While I'm on the subject of risks, let's talk about water. A crystal that's porous or delicate in appearance is at risk. Lepidolite, selenite, calcite, and fluorite don't do well in water. Neither does azurite. I don't suggest clearing them in water, because it involves prolonged immersion and the possibility that they may deteriorate or dissolve

Generally speaking, members of the quartz family, which include agates, jaspers, and chalcedony, do fine in water. Be careful about immersing other crystals if they're in rough form. When they're polished, they lose their porous texture, but you may still want to be careful.

If you're in doubt, use an alternative method of clearing. Smudging is always safe. See below for links to articles on clearing crystals, which includes alternative methods.

If you need to clean your crystal, a quick wipe with a damp cloth, followed by rubbing with a dry cloth, will work fine.

"I Didn't Do Anything to My Crystal (Honestly),
But Its Appearance Changed."

It happens. In the real-time store, Crystal Gardens, that preceded Beyond the Rainbow, we once had a quartz point that lived on a shelf where we kept house (i.e., not for sale) crystals.

One day I looked at this crystal and discovered that it had imploded (see above). The resulting fractures created breathtaking rainbows, and it quickly became my favorite crystal. Implosion made it enchanting, but I can't tell you why it happened.

If implosion isn't what you want, clear your crystals regularly. If you are doing intense energy work on yourself, clear the crystal after each session.

More generally, your crystals will often reflect your emotional/spiritual state. People report that when they're depressed, their crystals look or feel dull. If you're undergoing a prolonged state of negativity, first, do whatever you can to bring yourself out of it—and clear your crystals often, for your sake and yours. Sparkling crystals have cheered up lots of people.

See more about clearing your crystals.

On the brighter side, some people write that as they work with their crystals over time, they've noticed that the crystals become more clear and radiant. Occasionally, in the case of clusters, they grow new points.

Good work. If any of the above has happened to your crystals, it probably means that you, too, are becoming more clear and radiant within. You're shedding energy blockages. New points could mean that new elements worth exploring have entered your life.

"My Crystal Disappeared."

They do. I remember when one of my cats knocked a piece of turquoise onto the floor. Something called me away from my room, and when I returned, the turquoise had disappeared. I looked under the bed, thinking the crystal might have been the victim of a "bat the crystal" game, but it was nowhere.

Later on that day, I happened to glance at the floor, and the crystal reappeared. I picked it up, but it didn't care to explain its absence.

If you saw "What the Bleep" or have any knowledge about string theory, you know that the general idea (and I am no physicist) is that many other dimensions of reality exist in addition to the ones with which we are familiar. I think that lost things go there—like a lot of my socks.

Sometimes crystals return from one of these dimensions, which may mean they needed a vacation. When they don't return, consider the following:

Because you're reading this newsletter, the chances are strong, that you don't view crystals as pretty inanimate objects. If you've spent a lot of time with them, you may have discovered that they have consciousness, awareness, and individual purposes for being. I'm firmly convinced that they also have minds of their own.

I think they can decide to disappear. Here are some of the reasons why they do this.

  1. The crystal may have decided that it's finished its work with you. You need something else (a different crystal, essences, etc.) for the next stage of your journey.
  2. The crystal wanted to show you that you, too, can travel into new dimensions by shifting your attention from the familiar world into one of new possibilities.
  3. The crystal wanted to teach you a lesson about attachment. Crystals teach us in playful ways that reflect their own balance and lack of attachment. After all, they've allowed themselves to be uprooted from their homes to come into our homes as our companions. If we can learn to appreciate the lesson that life is change and that when things move out of our lives, they make room for new things to come in, we can become more joyful.

    Note: I was finishing this article when I realized I didn't see my Lemurian seed crystal. However, by the time I went over the article for typos, etc., it reappeared. It told me another reason crystals disappear.

  4. Sometimes crystals disappear because they don't think you've been giving them enough attention. Crystals don't want attention for ego reasons, but they do like to know that you're giving them a chance to do their work/play with you. The moment I realized how much I still had to learn from this crystal, it showed up.

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