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A lot of people write to me to ask about using crystals for various physical illnesses and imbalances. I don't give such advice. One reason for this is that the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) frowns on such advice, and can be quite unpleasant to those who dispense it. The other reason is that I use crystals primarily on emotional/mental/spiritual levels.

However, often much of the pain of illness is mental and emotional. You may be lying in bed thinking of all the things you should be doing. You may find that enforced inactivity provides an opportunity to worry about things you haven't worried about for decades. You may feel guilty, resentful, or angry that you're not in top shape.

None of the above emotions are going to either going to help you get better or to feel better while you're not. I have learned the hard way that they block the ability to heal, and I have also learned that there are many crystals and flower essences can be very helpful in releasing emotions which don't belong in your sickbed with you. Since you are horizontal, meditating with crystals might be your most useful form of activity.


As imaginative as human beings are, there is virtually no limit to things we can fear. Here I focus on exclusively on fears directly (or so we believe) connected to being sick. I have been known to lie in bed late at night (depriving myself of the healing properties of sleep), wondering, "Is this really just a cold? What if it's something worse?" Then I wonder about all the worse things it could be, and create a powerful visualization of my tragic deterioration and death.

Charoite is the crystal which best addresses the issue of fear, both known and unknown. It brings fear to the surface, and strengthens you with the commitment to dissolve fear patterns. In combination with amethyst, it is a good stone to put beneath your pillow, especially if fear disturbs your sleep.

Rhodochrosite, for anxiety, is another important stone in this connection. This stone can either be held or placed on the solar plexus.

The Bach Flower Remedies Mimulus, for known fears, and Aspen, for unknown fears, are very good to take for health-related fears. Also worth considering is Rescue Remedy, which contains Rock Rose, for terror.

Mental Gymnastics and Anguish

This is often related to, but also distinct from illness-related fear. One night, when I had a cold, and was presumably trying to go to sleep, I thought about seemingly every problem I had. I was becoming very annoyed with my wide-awake mind until I realized what it was doing.

My mind (in contrast to my body, which was simply experiencing congestion) had decided that something was wrong, and like a good mind, was attempting to fix it. To do so, it was going through every possible problem in order to discover the culprit.

Since unresolved issues can create a state of emotional debilitation which may lead to illness, there may have been a culprit, but this was not the time to track it down. Better by far to reach for a calming crystal, conveniently located on the bedside table.

A number of stones can be helpful for calming the mind. I have a preference for the blue-green stones, including chrysocolla (for peacefulness), and aquamarine (for going into stillness). Sodalite is helpful forfor balancing the left and right sides of the brain, and moonstone is also a very good emotional balancer.

Two essences stand out in this area. White Chestnut (Bach) is the classic remedy for those whose minds won't quit, going over problems again and again, especially at night. The Wild Earth Animal Essence Dove helps to create feelings of peace and inner silence.


You have heard and believe that unexpressed emotions and longstanding conflicts can cause illness. You feel terribly guilty that you allowed all of this debris from the past to affect your body.

Or you know that your diet and health habits are not the best, and you feel guilty for not taking better care of yourself.

It is a very good idea to take responsibility for one's physical, emotional, and mental health. It is not nearly as good idea to punish yourself for not having done so, especially when you're lying in bed already not feeling so well. Forgive yourself. When you feel better you can undertake that dietary/exercise/emotional rehabilitation program.

While you're still bed reach for a piece of sugilite. This is a wonderful stone for guilt. Place it either on the third eye or the heart, and consciously experience self-forgiveness. Rose quartz is also a very good stone for self-forgiveness.

You will also benefit from Pine (Bach). This remedy is especially valuable for those who cannot forgive themselves for being imperfect.


You are thoroughly holistic; you take vitamins every day. You grow your own herbs. You exercise and practice deep breathing. So it must be someone else's fault. Who gave this to you? Maybe there's no individual culprit; perhaps it's just the general cruelty of the universe, and it isn't fair.

You may also feel angry at your body for its alleged betrayal. This will not help it much.

Anger, while it may have the beneficial effect of stirring up sluggish energy systems, is generally not a great healer. Slow, deep breathing will do much more for you at this point.

Another helpful friend can be green calcite. It can help give one a different perspective on a situation, removing one from the dimension of blame. In addition, it can help to cool anger.

Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between anger and resentment. From the viewpoint of Bach Flower Remedy practitioners, anger is considered more active and aggressive; while resentment tends to be more passive and inward. Holly is the recommended remedy for anger; while Willow is chosen for resentment.

For those who are angry at their bodies Seal (Wild Earth Animal Essences) helps to restore of feeling of balance with and appreciation of the body.


In my impatience to resume normal life, I have been known to reverse convalescent stages by deciding that I was well enough to go to the (indoor) pool and swim, even though it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

It is very powerful to hold the affirmation that you are completely well. It is also a good idea to be sure your body agrees with you.

Carnelian, which is for being grounded in the present, can keep you connected to how you feel right now, not how you think you should feel.

Rhodonite is for patience, as is the Bach Flower Remedy Impatiens.

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