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Crystal Meditation: Carnelian -- Jade

Carnelian: Energy Flow, Decision Making

All second-chakra crystals (red, red-orange) relate in some way to flow as an analogy to blood flow. Carnelian is especially related to decision making as a flow, rather than as a struggle.

Hold a carnelian and notice its soft hue, like a flame that warms instead of burning. Imagine this color flowing through your body and mind. Feel energy moving. If you need to make a decision, feel all tension around that decision dissolving in the flow. Say to yourself, "The natural flow of my body/spirit helps me to guide my life."

Celestite: Repetitive Worry

Sometimes our worries feel as if they're trapped in our minds. We feel that if we could get them out of our heads, their force would dissipate. Celestite can help.

Hold this peaceful blue crystal and imagine that you're gazing at the sky. Feel the sky open you so that all your earthly cares dissolve like clouds blown along by a gentle breeze. Imagine new ideas, those that nurture your heart and soul, filling the space of your being. Say to yourself, "My worries are as fleeting as the clouds on a sunny day."

Charoite: Fear

Many of our fears live actively in our mind, even if they never manifest into physical reality. Fear, whether known or unknown, limits our ability to imagine good things for ourselves.

Hold a charoite and notice first its purple hue. This is one of the colors for the third eye, the home of imagination and psychic energies. It is, as noted in the section on amethyst, the color of transitions. Imagine yourself shifting from the limitations of fear to the expansive state of positive imagination. Next, notice the black in this stone, a grounding color that anchors the purple ray and allows you to safely explore the nature of your fears. Companion to the black, the white streaks in charoite connect you to spirit.

Explore your crystal's pattern, saying to yourself, "I am grounded in my body and brightened by spirit. I am safe."

Chrysanthemum Stone: Change, Spiritual Growth

Chrysanthemum's pattern is a beautiful interweaving of black and white, like a subtle watercolor with soft and hard edges. Without the black, there would be no pattern. So, what we may experience as inner darkness, uncertainty, lack, fear of the unknown, helps to provide the contrast that allows us to see the light of the path we want to follow.

Hold a chrysanthemum stone, and allow darkness to be as you follow the light. Say to yourself: The unknown provides the contrast that helps me know where I'm going.

Chrysocolla: Anxiety, Agitation

This is one of the most nurturing and grounding stones. When you look at chrysocolla, it's like looking at a piece of the world (an impression that is deepened if you're holding a sphere).

Look at your crystal and imagine the landscape it represents: an Alpine meadow beneath a deep blue sky, a sea with islands. Allow yourself to sink into the peace of this environment. Feel slow, deep, natural rhythms flow through you. Say to yourself, "My being is part of the rhythm of life."

Chrysoprase: Fear of Failure in a New Venture, Stress and Tension Centered in the Solar Plexus, Blocking of Healing Energy

Chrysoprase is an important crystal for allowing new energies to flow into the being. It can set the stage for abundance, for new friends, and can help the mind-body allow in the energies of crystals more specifically related to physical healing.*

Hold your chrysoprase and feel the warmth and softness of its sea-green color with a hint of yellow. Imagine swimming in a pale tropical sea. Feel the warmth of sea water loosening your limbs, allowing the flow of spirit. Say to yourself, "I allow the healing energies of sun and sea to flow through me."

* Please note, we don't write directly about physical healing in connection with crystals.

Citrine: Abundance, Personal Power, Self-esteem

Lacking confidence keeps us from accessing the power that is our birthright and prevents us from creating lives of abundance on all levels. Citrine is one of the primary crystals to work with for a deepening sense of self-esteem.

When life seems dark, when you feel disconnected from your inner light, hold this crystal, Gaze deeply into its golden radiance. Imagine that the sun is shining for you, its rays reaching deep within, lighting up every dark corner. Say to yourself, "My inner light is always available to me."

Clear Quartz: We have a separate section on various forms of clear quartz.

Danburite: Darkest Hours, for a Soul Perspective

This crystal helps to release emotional pain through the light of understanding. It is recommended for anyone who wants to deepen spiritual appreciation and growth.

When the events of your life make no sense and cause you pain, hold this stone. Notice that this clear crystal radiates a soft light that mutes the sharp edge of disappointment, suffering, grief, with the understanding that your spirit is larger than even the deepest sorrow. Say to yourself, "I release this pain and make room to create a life I love."

Emerald: Emotional and Spiritual Balancing

Though emerald is a heart stone, it relates less to the love that animates personal relationships than to a quality of universal love and compassion. For this reason, it is particularly recommended for healers.

If you're feeling burnt out in your personal relationships or worn down by difficult clients, hold an emerald. Study its soft green hue, the color of regenerating life. Allow this color to regenerate you. Say to yourself, "I am always renewing myself."

Fluorite (Green): Negative Habits of Thought

When persistent thoughts begin to affect the emotions, green (usually mixed with violet) fluorite can be helpful. Hold this stone and study the pattern of healing green blended with purple, the color of mental peace. Imagine your thoughts and feelings blending in a harmonious pattern. Say to yourself, "I release all persistent negativity."

Fluorite (Octahedron): Concentration, Creativity

It has been said that genius is the ability to focus on an idea until it comes into physical reality. Fluorite octahedrons can aid in that process. Blue stands for inner peace, mental calmness, and serenity. Purple represents a focus on the expression of spirit. Yellow is the color of understanding and manifestation. White represents the purest merging of the individual with universal spirit.

Elsewhere, we describe a fluorite octahedron meditation.

Garnet (red): Anger, Creative Block, Impatience, Procrastination

Unlike ruby, which, in its stimulation of passion may also stimulate anger, garnet channels a more gentle flow of the red ray.

Hold a garnet, noticing that its red is dark, infused with the grounding energies of black. This causes the second chakra energies of passion, emotion, creativity, and sexuality to flow more softly. As you hold it, say to yourself, "I ground my passion in positive, creative ways."

Golden Topaz: Creative Block, Low Self-esteem, Procrastination

Like some other crystals (tourmaline, kunzite, danburite, etc. golden topaz has striations (ridges) that help to channel energy smoothly. Thus, it can help to break up energy blockages without a feeling of being jolted out of a rut. This crystal helps particularly with procrastination, creative block, and a general feeling of low self-esteem or lack of inspiration.

Hold your crystal and take in its deep golden glow. Move it around and see light flashing off its ridges. Feel its rich hue spreading through you like honey pouring out of a jar. Say, "Creativity flows through me smoothly and easily."

Hawk's Eye: Lack of Detachment, Need for a Different Perspective

Hawk's eye symbolizes a detached, i.e., aerial perspective. Sometimes the only way to gain objectivity when one is entangled in problems is to fly above them.

Hold a hawk's eye, and imagine being your favorite bird, flying high above your situation. See it, not as a mass of problems, but as a pattern that can be changed. Say to yourself, "With distance, I can see the pattern I'm seeking and create it."

Hematite: Lack of Boundaries, Emotionally Overwhelmed

Sometimes, in our desire to be compassionate, we forget that taking the emotions of a distraught friend doesn't raise them from their quicksand of emotions; it only pulls us in.

Hold silvery hematite and look at its shiny, reflective surface. Imagine that it's deflecting all negativity from others, leaving you in a place where your own positive emotions are a lifeline that others reach for. Say to yourself, "Feeling that life is a source of joy is the best way to be compassionate."

Jade: Tension, Negativity

As physical tension can keep pain in the body, so mental tension can hold negative thoughts in the mind. Green jade is believed to have calming, stabilizing, and soothing qualities that help to rid the mind of negativity.

Hold a piece of jade and rub it slowly, feeling its smoothness, allowing its calming green to fill you. Say to yourself, "When I heal my mind, I heal my body."

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