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Jasper - Rhodochrosite

Jasper (red): Calming, Grounding, Stabilizing

Red jasper, in some native cultures, is viewed as the blood of the earth, both a symbol for and a connection to the deep, stabilizing earth energies. While it doesn't cool your emotions as a green stone would, it does help to ground them.

Hold this crystal, and absorb its earthy red color. Feel yourself connecting to the rhythms of the earth. Say to yourself, "I am grounded and calm and connected surely to the flow of life."

Jasper (Picasso): Transformation, Especially in Friendships and Creativity

Transformation, despite the implication that it's an overnight phenomenon, is best accomplished slowly, and a member of the jasper family is ideal for this purpose—specifically, the multi-patterned Picasso jasper.

Allow your eyes to travel through this crystal's pattern and allow thought to dissolve. Let this crystal teach you that the path of transformation may at times seem like a winding road. Say to yourself, "With trust, I always get to where I want to be."

Kunzite: Choices

Sometimes we get caught between our minds and our hearts, each of them urging an opposite choice. We may feel, for example, that we need to express anger, but our minds tell us that it would only cause more hostility.

When you feel inner conflict, hold a kunzite. Study its color a soft blend of pink and violet, a blending of heart and mind. Feel your heart and mind reach out for each other in a spirit of reconciliation. Say to yourself, "I have the ability to make a loving choice."

Kyanite: Difficulty in Meditating, Worry, Stuck in Beliefs Held as Facts

Hold this stone, noticing the white (representing spirit) that streaks its blue surface. Rub its ridges, imagine the focused energy flowing through them. Imagine that energy dissolving worry. Say to yourself, "My loop of worry is loosening, and I am now free of it."

Labradorite/Spectrolite: Wise Use of Psychic Powers

One of the larger issues surrounding the development of psychic power is the fear that it will get out of control. An individual may fear being swept away or of abusing this gift. Labradorite/spectrolite is the perfect crystal to aid in the responsible development of psychic power.

Hold it, moving it slowly, and focus on its flashing color. Imagine it as flames of illumination deeply grounded in being. See how your own psychic flashes can become deeply rooted in a sense of self that is neither inflated nor self-demeaning. Say to yourself, "I use my abilities for the highest purpose."

Lapis: Mental, Psychic Clarity

All dark blue stones relate to both the logical and intuitive minds. Lapis has special meaning for allowing one's inner truth to emerge.

Hold your stone and notice the flashes of gold in the rich blue darkness. Imagine them as sparks of intuition that help to burn away the darkness of confusion. Say to yourself, "The truth is inside me. I let in the light to reveal it."

Lepidolite: Stress

If you're going through stressful experiences, lepidolite can help you to be feel stable and grounded. In addition, it can help people to reorganize their old ways of thinking and acting so that they can meet the challenge of change.

Hold a lepidolite, noticing the softness of its purple-pink hue. Imagine that you are being filled with the energies of love and wisdom. Say to yourself, "Love and wisdom walk with me on my path."

Malachite: Creativity

This is one of the most visually exciting stones, and simply to look at it can inspire creativity.

Hold your malachite, studying the beautiful swirling patterns of light and dark. Say to yourself, "Creativity is a natural and spontaneous experience."

Malachite-Chrysocolla: Energy blockage (in any area of life or the body), Creative Block

When malachite is used to release blockages, I recommend placing with it a rose quartz or aventurine to soften the energy. Chrysocolla has the same softening power.

Hold your stone and notice the colors of earth, sky, and water. Feel the elements of air and water flow through you, while you remain grounded. Feel tension and construction dissolve, as if washed or blown away. Say to yourself, "The releasing energies of this earth are always available to me."

Moldavite: Release of Obsolete Beliefs and Habits

Moldavite, as a stone from outer space, carries a special zing in terms of helping us to become less earthbound in terms of the emotional and mental baggage we've picked up on planet Earth.

Hold your stone and realize you are holding a piece of outer space. Feel how big this world is, feel within you an inner space, free of unneeded beliefs. Say to yourself, "I am a free being connected to the cosmos."

Moonstone: Emotional Balance

For those who feel overwhelmed by their emotions, moonstone helps to create emotional balance by harmonizing feelings with the higher self; for those out of touch with their feelings, it brings them into awareness.

Hold your moonstone, feeling its softness. As you look at it, you feel an equal softness in its shades of cream. If you are holding a rainbow moonstone, notice the subtle flash of color, as if all the colors of the rainbow are flooding and balancing you. "Say to yourself, "My balance always returns."

Moss Agate: Mental/Emotional Balance

Moss agate, because of its plant-like patterns, is often considered to be helpful in connecting to nature spirits. I find a connection here to its other function of blending left- and right-brain functions. Plants grow according to their own design; yet each is a creative individual.

Hold your moss agate and notice its design. Look more deeply and feel the creativity that made this design. Feel yourself part of it, a growing, organic creation. Say to yourself, "The design of my life is always unfolding and changing."

Obsidian: For Removal of Ego and Identity Layers That Prevent Discovery of Personal Truth

In Native American cultures, obsidian was used as a knife. So, in crystal work, you can use it to cut to the heart of the truth that self-imposed illusions keep you from seeing.

Hold your obsidian and go into its darkness, knowing that without darkness there couldn't be light. Feel your own light stream through the darkness. If you choose to hold a snowflake obsidian, notice the pattern of light and dark. Feel how they intermingle. For either stone, say to yourself, "I allow the darkness, I allow the light."

Opal: For Feelings of Emotional Numbness, Heaviness

Sometimes it seems that to feel is to experience pain. The iridescent rainbow flashes in opal help us to see that if we allow our emotions to be, they constantly change, lending color and beauty to our lives.

Hold an opal and experience the beauty of your emotions; allow this crystal's rainbow tones to dissolve the darkness and numbness. Say to yourself, "My emotions give me life."

Peridot: Hurt feelings, Bruised Egos, Emotional Tension

This is a good stone to pick up or wear whenever you're feeling emotionally bruised.

Hold your peridot and notice how it combines the green of healing with the gold of self-esteem and empowerment. Feel your hurt feelings begin to lessen and fade. Say to yourself, "What matters is what I think of myself."

Pyrite: Combines Intuitive Thinking with the Skill to Bring a Dream to Realization

This is not a "dream the impossible dream" stone, but it blends well with those that may give one a vision of something that seems out of reach. Pyrite can bring the impossible within one's grasp by inspiring one with a method for realizing it.

Hold your pyrite and feel its density, its strong earth connection. Notice its various formations, its glittering surface. Think about the creative genius that has created such a very material object. Feel the dance of spirit and matter embodied in pyrite. Say to yourself, "When I reach for my dreams with the belief that they can be materialized, they always are."

Rhodochrosite (coral-pink): Anxiety, Worry, Hyperventilation

So often, we worry because we fear that we won't get what we desire.

Hold rhodochrosite and notice how its pink tone blends with a fiery orange. This stone expresses excitement and passion, the emotions that fuel your desire. Threaded through this color blend are streaks of white, representing your connection to spirit, to the source of your being. Begin to feel this connection. Know that the source of your being, the source of all life, wants to fulfill your desires. Say to yourself, "My desires are fulfilled."

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