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Rhodonite - Unakite

Rhodonite: Impatience

This stone is usually for impatience with others or with oneself. The need for it can be stimulated by delay and incompetence. It's helpful to have one at all times. The occasions for doing a rhodonite mini-meditation can be endless.

Hold your rhodonite. Think of its pink hue as representing the heart and the experience of love; while the black grounds this experience. Imagine your own feelings of love being grounded in this pattern. Imagine love circulating, as the blood does in your physical system. Say to yourself, "I am grounded in the experience of love.

Rose Quartz: Feeling unloved, lonely, sad about or disappointed in another person

When we don't love ourselves fully, we are wounded inside, and a wound will always cry out to be healed. Rose quartz is an instrument of that healing. It helps us to experience ourselves as the source of love and to share that emotion with others.

Hold a rose quartz in your hand, and imagine the softness of its pink color filling you with warmth. Say to yourself, "I accept all that I am."

Ruby: (pink-red/silver) Passion for Living, Experiencing, Creating

Ruby can stimulate motivating energy and the power of creative visualization. It also helps people to be realistic and honest about their goals and intentions.

Hold a ruby and imagine a rich, deep fire beginning to ignite you. Feel it spreading through you and warming you. Say to yourself, "My life is filled with passion and enthusiasm."

Ruby in Zoisite: Passion Plus the Ability to Manifest

Zoisite grounds and stabilizes ruby's passionate fire.

Hold your crystal, and say to yourself, "My passion is taking root and will grow."

Rutilated Quartz: Manifesting for the Highest Purpose

This crystal combines clear or smoky quartz with golden rutile. Gold relates to both the third and crown chakras, and rutilated quartz transforms the desires of personal to the highest purpose.

Hold your rutilated quartz and notice the golden threads. As you move it about, these threads may vibrate and flash. Contemplate how much energy within you awaits the opportunity to help create the realization of your dreams. Say to yourself, "My dreams come true."

Selenite: Soul Essence Awareness

Selenite allows us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth, that part of ourselves which is not body, not emotions or thoughts, but pure spirit.

Hold your selenite, noticing its soft luminescence. Move it around, observing the bands of light within it. Realize that beyond any limitations you feel, you are limitless, flowing light. Say to yourself, "I am so much more than I think."

Sodalite: Decision-making (when decisions are obstructed by mental confusion and/or emotional turmoil)

Often, when both mind and emotions are active, we are tempted to seize at any decision that might reduce our distress. Sodalite helps us to avoid such temptation, helping to induce a state of calm in which a more positive choice can be made.

Hold your sodalite and study it carefully. Notice how the deep blue/black color is threaded with white light. So a calm and trusting state of mind threads through the darkness of confusion. Say to yourself, "I allow the light; I rejoice in my calm state of mind."

Sugilite Anger, Guilt, Resentment

Sugilite helps us to see the emotion-filled beliefs ("I always resent people like that;" "There's just so much I'm capable of doing") that can create emotional limitation and physical imbalance and keep positive energy from flowing. By helping to dissolve these beliefs on the mental plane, it stops them from continuing to send limiting messages to the body.

Hold your sugilite, noticing the rich warmth of its magenta color. Feel the energy of fire colored by insight and intuition flowing through you. Say to yourself, "I clear the way for positive, healing energy."

Smoky Quartz: Depression, Discouragement, Feeling Ungrounded, Processing of Negative Beliefs

Of all the grounding stones, smoky quartz has the lightest energy. Because of its clarity, it's considered to be capable of channeling the white light of the crown chakra into the first chakra, thus creating a connection between body and spirit.

Hold your crystal and notice its translucent quality. Imagine that it's a conduit for white light. Feel this light flow through you, filling your body with spirit so that they are one. Say to yourself, "I am a spiritual being in a physical body."

Tiger's Eye: Concentration, Focus, Patience

Cats, large or small, are skilled hunters, knowing when to wait, and when to pounce. Tiger's eye can teach us to do the same. Hold your stone, moving it to see the flashes of gold within the deep, earthy brown. So when we are grounded in patience, we allow intuition to flash. Say to yourself, "If I silence my opinions, my inner knowing will surface."

Tourmaline In general, this crystal helps to break up energy blockages which cause stress and confusion, and bring about calmness and clarity.

Tourmaline, Black: Repels Negative Energy

Whether negativity comes from within or from without, black tourmaline can help it to go away. If you're experiencing stress due to any kind of negative thoughts, it's an excellent stone to carry, wear, or hold.

Hold your black tourmaline, and run your fingers lightly over its ridges. This helps to activate it. Feel stress slowly leaving you. Focus on relaxing your shoulders and solar plexus. Say to yourself, "I allow myself to be filled with positive energy."

Tourmaline, Green: Abundance, creativity, relief of chronic exhaustion

Green tourmaline is believed to be a healer on all level. It is used to purify and strengthen the nervous system so that it can circulate increased spiritual energy. Many people use, carry, or wear it to relieve chronic exhaustion. It is also commonly used for the creation and manifestation of goals, and is believed to be particularly helpful for creativity and abundance.

Hold your green tourmaline, noticing its deep color, like the hue of evergreen trees. Think of the steadiness of those trees that are colorful all year long, that give protection to birds in winter. Imagine the protective energy of this crystal filling you. Say to yourself, "My well-being is eternal."

Turquoise: Mental clarity, Clear Communication

Turquoise helps us to be clear on what we want and to then be able to communicate our desires to others. It can be especially helpful if you feel confused about either part of the creative journey.

Hold your turquoise and summon the feeling you want to feel. Focus in; imagine what will help you to feel that way. Hold to this vision of your desire, and imagine yourself sharing it with others. Say to yourself, "I love to share my dreams and the dreams of others."

Unakite: Balancing, Stabilizing, Releases Emotions

This stone combines feldspar, epidote, and quartz, a combination that can help to enhance self-esteem and self-awareness. In a state of deepened appreciation of self, one can allow unwanted emotions to arise and release them.

Hold your unakite, noticing the warm blending of coral and olive green. Feel the crystal warm you, and translate that warmth into self-appreciation. Allow anything that may be limiting your awareness and appreciation to surface, and allow these feelings to release. Say to yourself, "I release all limitation and open to a feeling of self-appreciation."

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