Crystal Questionnaire

We developed this questionnaire from the questions that our customers have presented us since 1987. Every few years, we revise and update it.

You can either:

Print it out and check the questions for which you have a definite YES.

Or write down the numbers of the questions for which you have a definite YES.

You will find a link to the answers at the end of the questionnaire (which will serve as a helpful reference should any other issues come up for you).

1. It's hard for me to concentrate.

2. I have a hard time making decisions.

3. I'd like to be more in touch with angels.

4. I have lots of ideas, but I can't seem to materialize them.

5. I have lots of ideas, but it's difficult for me to express them.

6. I have difficulty letting go of old ideas.

7. I wish I liked myself more.

8. It's hard for me to be honest with other people.

9. I wish I could transcend the traumas and tragedies which have happened to me.

10. I hate my body. I'm too (fat, skinny, short, tall, etc.).

11. I never have enough money to satisfy my needs.

12. When I think I'm right, it's impossible to listen to an opposing point of view.

13. I know that I have a limited view of some areas of my life, but I don't know how to gain a broader perspective.

14. I often find that other people's moods are contagious, i.e., if someone is sad I find myself feeling sad, too.

15. I want to feel more at peace with myself.

16. I feel that I lack imagination.

17. I'm not in touch with my intuition.

18. It's hard for me to think logically.

19. I find myself getting angry when I have to deal with incompetent people.

20. I feel stressed out a great deal of the time.

21. I have a low opinion of myself.

22. I'm intolerant of others.

23. It's hard for me to let go of anger.

24. I have goals, but I find it difficult to get from where I am to where I want to be.

25. There seems to be a lot of negativity in my life.

26. In terms of my emotional/spiritual growth, I always seem to be starting and stopping, and never getting very far.

27. I want to understand myself better.

28. I wish I had more creative abilities.

29. I want to trust my psychic abilities more.

30. I feel stuck in physical existence and disconnected from my spiritual essence.

31. Sometimes I get really depressed.

32. I have a lot of anxiety attacks.

33. I often feel emotionally unbalanced.

34. I would like more serenity in my life.

35. I wish good things happened more quickly to me.

36. Often, my energy seems to be flying all over the place. I can't seem to get it grounded so I can act.

37. I'd like to be more patient with myself and others.

38. I wish I could look at my problems more rationally.

39. I'd like to know what's going on inside me.

40. When I'm sick I get so nervous about it that it's hard for me to get well.

41. Sometimes I'm not sure what I feel.

42. I'm oversensitive.

43. Sometimes I don't trust myself.

44. I feel as if I'm on an emotional roller-coaster.

45. I need to uncover my deepest fears.

46. I'm depressed a lot of the time.

47. I need more passion in my life.

48. I find it hard to ask others for help. (bl lace)

49. I have difficulty in asserting myself (amaz)

50. I have frequent nightmares.

51. I feel that I'm too inflexible.

52. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to be objective about my problems.

53. I feel as if I come from another planet.

54. I have trouble meditating.

55. I would like to develop my intellect.

56. I worry too much about other people's opinions of me.

57. I feel that I present to the world an image of myself which isn't really me.

58. I feel disconnected from other people.

59. No matter how hard I try, I can't stick to my diet (or break another addiction).

60. I find it impossible to let go of old relationships

61. I have trouble balancing my emotional needs with those of others.

62. My work is healing (physical, mental, emotional), and I feel drained and burned out.

63. My everyday life (work, home) feels everyday, stagnant.

64. I need to meet more people who share my beliefs.

65. I'm lost in space, and the worst thing is that I'm with me.

66. Negative thoughts affect my emotions and get stored in my heart.

67. I'd like to cut loose some of the beliefs that keep me from growing.

68. I get so caught up in my imperfections. I'd like to have a vision of my wholeness.

69. Sometimes I feel that life is too unfair to ever be healed.

70. I'd like to feel more joy in my life.

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