Combining Crystals and Flower Essences

Note: For the sake of simplicity, I will abbreviate the essence families described as follows: Bach Flower Remedies (BFR), Flower Essence Society (FES), Wild Earth Animal Essences (WEAE).

In most of the articles that appear in Rainbow Reflections and Living with Crystals, I include a brief list of crystals and essences appropriate for the issue described in an article. The most common way to apply these suggestions would be to work with the crystals however you do and to take the essences.

You can also combine their energies in a number of ways. These include:

To Clear Your Crystals

You can choose from several essences to clear your crystals. To do this, put your crystals in a waterproof container, fill it with filtered or distilled water, and put in several drops of the essence (about four drops per pint of water).

Rescue Remedy (BFR) is an excellent all-purpose essence. Some of the crystals we work with to release negative emotions absorb those vibrations (for example, malachite, onyx). All crystals benefit from a refreshing bath. Rescue Remedy has a generally rejuvenating effect.

Crab Apple (BFR): This essence is used for psychic and emotional purification. This makes it excellent for clearing crystals.

Lotus (FES): An essence for spiritual openness and meditative receptivity, Lotus is particularly valuable to deepening meditation with crystals.

Eagle (WEAE): Eagle symbolizes the wisdom of our souls and divine guidance. Infusing crystals with this energy amplifies the ability of crystals to guide us to our own true essence.

Getting Specific

Like crystals, essences vibrationally charge water. For this reason, when you blend the energies of specific crystals and essences, consider using water as a medium. You could, for example, choose to clear all your quartz crystals (clusters, points, etc.) and put in a drop or two or a given essence. You could also follow this method with a single stone and a chosen essence.

You can also combine gem elixirs (crystal essences) with flower or other essences. (For information on making gem elixirs, please see

Another method is to rub a drop or two of a particular essence into a stone. This can also be done with jewelry.

Some Possible Combinations


Many of the physical symptoms of anxiety can be relieved by deliberately taking deep breaths, but we often forget this. Rhodochrosite can help to ease breathing. Its counterpart is chamomile (FES).

Many of you have experienced tension relief by drinking chamomile tea. The essence helps to dissolve the vibrational blockages that can lead to tension.

In this regard, I also recommend Rescue Remedy (BFR).


Although I could write about many aspects of communication, two seem most important: the courage to say what you need to say and the ability to communicate with calmness and gentleness.

For courage in communication, I recommend amazonite, a blue-green stone that helps us to speak without apology or guilt about our perceptions and emotions. Trumpet Vine (FES) mirrors this gift. (It's easy to remember if you think of a trumpet.)

Celestite, a peaceful sky blue, assists us in expressing ourselves in a peaceful and gentle way. Calendula (FES), known in herbal form for easing the pain of insect bites or burns, also takes the bite out of our communication.


Golden citrine represents the sunlike confidence we feel when we pay attention to our inner guidance rather than to the opinions of others. Larch (BFR) likewise teaches us to trust in our intuition and to follow the path it shows us.


Charoite helps us deal with both known and unknown fears. In working with this crystal for the release of a specific known fear, people may discover that unknown fears come to the surface. Thus, both Aspen and Mimulus (both BFR), may be helpful in combination with charoite.


Rose Quartz helps us to realize that we are the source of love. It can enable us to release the demanding ways we ask for love from others and try to require them to be our source of love.

Companion essences are Holly (BFR) and Deer (WEAE).

Holly teaches us to connect with the universal source of love. Because Dr. Bach considered imbalances in the area of love to be primary, this remedy is often recommended when someone seems to need too many remedies. Another way to express this is: When in doubt, take Holly.

Deer stands for gentleness. It helps us to be easy and understanding in our relationships with others. Also note that the deer knows how to follow its path. Thus it helps us on the path of love.

Kunzite assists us in making conscious, loving choices. Its counterpart is Chestnut Bud (BFR) People who need this remedy tend to repeat their mistakes. They run on automatic pilot. Chestnut Bud helps them to be more deliberate and thoughtful about life choices.


Rhodonite, a soft pink, threaded with black for emotional grounding, is the stone to have handy for every occasion that might lead to impatience. Impatiens (BFR), the easiest Bach Flower Remedy to remember, has a similar purpose.


We may think of emotionally or mentally rigid people as being someone other than us, but we all have convictions that are dusty for lack of examination and areas where we're unyielding.

Green Calcite can help take us to another plane of understanding, one where we can see that these beliefs have nothing sacred about them. Rock Water (BFR) performs a similar function and is especially helpful when for those who've adopted overly strict behavior patterns ("If I don't exercise at least two hours a day, my body will fall apart.").

Setting Emotional Boundaries

Shiny, reflective hematite can help to protect us from taking in the negative emotions of others. Two flower essences, both from FES, share this function. Pink Yarrow is for protection from the negative emotions of those to whom we're close. Yarrow has a more general function.

The above combinations should give you a good start. For those who'd like systematic ways to learn more about crystals and/or Bach Flower remedies, please see

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