The Wisdom of Night: The Dark Blue Stones

For humans, night symbolizes the unknown, that which we cannot - or do not wish - to see. One of the most remarkable human abilities is the capacity to push into unconsciousness that which we don't want to know. We may do this with traumas we find too painful to remember, with memories we don't enjoy, and especially anything about ourselves which doesn't match the images which we want to preserve.

Sometimes at night, when we sleep, that which is stored in our unconscious minds comes into consciousness in our dreams. Many people try to prevent this from happening by not remembering their dreams.

Night also symbolizes the intuitive knowledge and the mysteries which lie within each of us. As society as become more technically advanced, we have moved away from a subtle attunement with psychic currents of energy into the embrace of science, technology, and the belief that what cannot be measured and proven doesn't exist. We disdain psychic hocus-pocus, channeled information, reincarnation. We want facts, evidence, proof.

Fear and distrust of the unknown and a reliance on reason and logic represent blockages of the sixth chakra, which relates to imagination, intuition, and psychic phenomena of all kinds. It corresponds to an area on the forehead slightly above and between the eyes, called the third eye. One of its colors is dark blue.

As the light blue crystals relate to our creativity and communication with others, so the dark-blue stones represent our communication with our inner selves. The night stones are here to help us clear out old mental beliefs and patterns so that we can navigate the mysteries and wonders of within.

Azurite: Mental House Cleaning

This brilliant dark blue crystal is associated with the invisible and unknown beliefs we automatically use as filters for our experience of physical reality.

sodalite sphere

Have you ever decided you don't like something or someone? Have you resisted taking action, even when it's necessary for your growth or the fulfillment of a dream? The filtering process can be useful in mundane decisions of daily life ("I prefer blue to green;" "I like chocolate more than vanilla"), but can be very limiting in terms of life decisions. ("No, I don't want a new career because a steady job and security are more important.")

A great freedom occurs when we are able to consciously look at old programmed beliefs. One of the best crystals for helping to accomplish this is azurite, which helps to move unconscious thoughts into the conscious mind. When we can see the patterns they form, we can evaluate them in the light of intuition and a sense of the soul's purpose.

In meditation it is often helpful to place azurite on the third eye. While meditating, breathe in and out slowly, and focus on the azurite. Visualize its energy penetrating through layers of consciousness and finding those beliefs you would most like to have surfaced.

Do this whenever you feel that some invisible belief is keeping you from forward. You can strongly benefit from the effects of this mental house cleaning.

This crystal can be placed on any part of the body where there is a feeling of congestion and density. Such feelings often signify some kind of fixed and automatic pattern. For example, if you always get upset when it's time to pay the bills, a pattern of beliefs in scarcity, your personal non-prosperity, and/or your imminent poverty, is probably being activated. De-activate with azurite.

Lapis: Opening the Inner Eye

Lapis lazuli is a unique combination of darkness and light. Its deep blue color sparkles with gold pyrite, a symbol for a night sky alight with stars.

sodalite sphere

The ancient Egyptians, who considered lapis to be a royal stone, pulverized it and made into a poultice to be rubbed into the crown of the head. It was believed that as it dried it drew out all spiritual impurities.

The role of lapis hasn't changed over the centuries. However, rather than speak of it clearing out spiritual impurities, I would say it brings to the surface what we've been pretending.

For example, someone insults you. You tell others you're not upset, and think you believe this, because you realize your own self-worth and you don't let what other people say about you bother you. Then you meditate with lapis, and you realize with sharp and perhaps painful clarity that you're very upset, and have been secretly carrying that insult around with you.

Lapis, like obsidian, takes no prisoners. Its impact is direct. If you want to discover your personal truths this way, you will appreciate the unsoftened energy of this stone. If you'd prefer a gentler approach, there are crystals which can dilute lapis's impact.

When you meditate with lapis (the third eye is the most effective location) also place there rose, quartz, aventurine, or amethyst. In addition, I recommend placing a rose quartz on the heart center, rhodochrosite on the solar plexus, and smoky quartz on the first (root) chakra (either in the pelvic area or by the feet). The other stones soften lapis' impact and help to dissolve the charge of the emotions which may surface.

The lapis journey is one of going into our own mysteries, into the pretenses which we have accepted as reality. Our reward for choosing to go into this darkness is symbolized by the golden light which shines in lapis' deep blue sky.

Sodalite: Higher Ground

Another function of the sixth chakra is mental/emotional balance. This corresponds to the division of the brain into two hemispheres: one devoted to rational, linear thinking, the other to imagination and intuition. When these two areas are in balance, the mind is both capable of tremendous creativity and the ability to realize that creativity in practical, material terms.

sodalite sphere

In most Western societies the rational aspects of mind are valued above those of intuition, thus subduing or stifling many creative ideas before they are born into imagination. Malachite and moss agate are two stones which help to rebalance the brain and mind.

Sodalite's function is different. It is especially valuable for those who find themselves in states of mental confusion, especially when these states are intensified by emotional turmoil. Very often, when our emotions are whirling about in our heads we are tempted to seize at any decision which seems to promise it will reduce our distress. Sodalite helps us to resist such temptation.

This dark-blue stone is one of the most grounding of the blue stones, and has a natural affinity with the third eye center (between and slightly above the eyebrows). Its function is to calm the emotions and the mind and to help one view a situation and the choices which may stem from it with objectivity and detachment.

This also means that it can help to quiet any doubts you may have about your ability to make a decision, i.e., it quiets the inner critic.

It can also assist in dissolving old mental, reactive patterns, helping you to realize that you don't have to do things the way you've always done them.

Sodalite is additionally helpful for reviewing a decision once it's been made. Some people believe it helps to extricate us from the coils of complicated lifestyles.

If you are faced with a decision. sodalite is an excellent stone to use in meditation. Place it on your forehead and contemplate the situation on which you are working. Ask for guidance in making the decision. If you feel yourself coming up with old solutions just because they're familiar release then and allow sodalite to clear the path for new ideas.

Sodalite is not one of the flashier stones; it doesn't sparkle or shine. Its energy is quiet, calm, and deep as the midnight sky.

Wise Use of Psychic Energies

Labradorite's overall color of dark silvery blue is highlighted with gleams of iridescent green, turqoise, gold, and other colors -- a phenomenon called by gem and mineral dealers "flash." This is just how it appears: a flash of light in the darkness, and you may also find that its iridescence increases as you work with it.

labradorite pyramid
Its' appearance is a striking description of its purpose. This is the stone which helps us to develop the wise use of psychic abilities.

I have counseled people in various stages of psychic development: those who say they have no talent for it at all; those who feel this ability emerging but fear it, and those who say they have no control over it at all. Labradorite/spectrolite is a valuable stone for any of these stages.

Though the subject of why people think they don't have psychic abilities deserves a much longer article, one of the reasons they feel that way is because on a deeper level they fear having such abilities. There are likewise many reasons for such a fear; the one most related to labradorite/spectrolite is the fear that they will abuse these powers.

This is something that many people with emerging psychic skills recognize. Very often this fear centers around the temptation to use these ability for ego-related purposes, i.e., "Look at me, I can read your mind."

In the same sense, sometimes people who say that they have no control over their psychic gifts don't want to be responsible in case anything goes wrong.

Labradorite/spectrolite can be helpful in any of the above situations. Hold one or place on the third eye (between and above the other two) and think of its flashing color as flames of illumination deeply grounded in being. Imagine how your own psychic flashes can, when deeply rooted in a sense of self which is neither inflated nor self-demeaning, bring enlightenment to your life and that of others.

One particular way in which labradorite can open up psychic awareness is in the dream state. It will often tell you in dreamtime things of which you aren't aware in the waking state.

Kyanite: A Stone for Balance

Kyanite is rarely mentioned in crystal books. It doesn't care. This crystal has one of the lightest and happiest energies of the stone people. The lack of information about it has allowed me to explore kyanite without preconceived notions, and I've enjoyed making discoveries about this remarkable stone.


It naturally forms in very flat blades made up of very thin mica-like layers of medium blue with white streaks, although it can be green, yellow, and other colors, and it's often translucent. and always shiny.

According to the chakra system of colors, kyanite should be placed either on the throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the other two), and I've found the third eye position especially valuable.

Generally, its energy is very calming. I often experience it in the form of waves which ripple down from the crown chakra. When I'm caught up in one of my worry loops, placing kyanite on my forehead (whether or not I'm meditating) helps me to move beyond the loop. It reminds me that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that I am ultimately in charge. In the course of these gentle reminders it often brings to surface beliefs which I have accepted as fact.

If you have difficulty in meditating, kyanite is one of the best stones to use. Its ability to quiet the mind is virtually unequaled.

Essences for Discovering the Night Within

The first and perhaps most important essence is the Wild Earth Animal Essence, Owl. Owl is in many ways the ultimate night animal, at home in the world of the dark, and strongly associated with myth and magic, and wisdom. Owl medicine also has a similarity to lapis in that one of this bird's keywords is Deception, meaning that it exposes deception and pretense. Its other keyword, Wisdom, reminds us of the wisdom we all have within ourselves.

Scleranthus (Bach) is especially helpful for those who are unbalanced in terms of right brain/left brain development. This essence, while specifically indicated for conflict in terms of opposites ("Should I live in the country or the city?"), can help to resolve any polarity.

Sagebrush: (FES) This essence helps to dissolve all beliefs and habits not essential for soul development. It's a major psychic/emotional cleanser.

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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