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I stopped believing in "coincidences" a long time ago, and it was surely no accident that as I was thinking about writing an article about working with crystals to enhance sleep and dreams that I received the following two emails.

I put my stone [angelite] under my pillow the last two nights and really got a good night's sleep (because of my arthritis I haven't slept a whole night in the last years). So you can imagine that I'm already very fond of this stone!

--Karsta Amrehns

The second letter is also about angelite.

The same night I received it, I had a very positive dream about the coming of the new millennium. I'd never had such a dream before, but on the other hand, I'd never slept with angelite under my pillow before, either. I also had my Herkimer, amethyst and moonstone keeping it company.


These letters indicate that angelite has some very special energies (and also remind us that every crystal has characteristics beyond those you read about). They also suggest that it can be very helpful to sleep with crystals.

When we're asleep we're both physically and emotionally more receptive to the energy of crystals. We're also much more deeply connected to our intuitive wisdom and healing power. Thus crystals can do some very special work while our eyes are closed.

Some Practical Notes

It's generally beneficial to have crystals in your bedroom. They can be placed on a bedside table (not too near the alarm clock, if you're the kind who gropes around with eyes closed to turn it off).

Probably the safest way to keep your crystals with you when you sleep is to tuck them inside a pillowcase. (Remember that you've done this when it's laundry time.)

Another way is to wear a pouch with long strings and put a crystal or crystals inside.

A third way is to wear a pendant on a chain. (Do not do this with a very fragile crystal or a setting with sharp points. The night-time crystal experience should be beneficial, not harmful. No injuries, please.)

Don't sleep with a crystal which is likely to roll out of bed: spheres, eggs, unless you have a bed which is low and a thick carpet beneath it.

I have safely held crystals in my hand as I slept, but I do recommend the low bed/thick carpet principle.

I would avoid having a cluster in bed, as you don't want to roll over on one.

Make sure that if you have a cat (or cats) sleeping with you it can't get to the crystals. I have never had a cat swallow a crystal, but I make sure that small ones are out of reach, as my cat, Binx, likes to lick rose quartz.

Crystals can also be taped to parts of the body in need of physical healing. Please be sure to use the kind of tape which doesn't take off large patches of skin when you remove it.

Crystal Dreams

I've noticed that a number of different crystals can affect my dreams, but the universal dream crystal is the Herkimer diamond. They have an impressive ability to enhance dream recall, and working with one can help to avoid the morning fuzziness and confusion caused by half-remembered dreams.

The down side is that dreams may become so vivid that you feel as if you never slept. I remember a customer saying that she felt she was working a day job and a night job. The solution I found for this was to soften a Herkimer's energy with an amethyst. When I do this I remember my dreams clearly, but also feel rested.

Many people have reported that Moldavite deepens their dreams. As this stone is a psychic cleanser, it may also be very helpful for dreams which help to release psychic toxins.

Crystals to Tuck You In

Amethyst belongs in every night-time crystal collection. Many parents have found that amethyst helps to prevent their children from having nightmares, and it also works for us older folks. This stone, whose color represents the transition from day to night, can also be very helpful in helping one to relax and go to sleep.

Sometimes people may have trouble sleeping because they consciously or unconsciously fear losing control (going out of the body, losing consciousness, etc.) It can then be very helpful to keep a grounding crystal handy.

It's my personal experience that hematite is the most grounding and protective stone.You may also want to try black tourmaline (very good for protecting one from negativity), or smoky quartz, a light grounder.

If you go to sleep or wake up feeling anxious you may want to use rhodochrosite.

Sleeping with Intent

Some people have said that they recite affirmations to themselves to help them go to sleep and to keep their intentions focused. This can lead to dreams which relate to finding a path to follow in order to realize one's affirmations, and may provide other unexpected kinds of results.

It can also be very helpful to program a crystal for a particular intention and reserve it for night-time use, then have another non-night-time crystal programmed for the same purpose. Why two? I feel that when you have a programmed crystal some place where you'll see it during your waking hours it's a powerful reminder of your intention. Keeping it in bed all the time can psychologically have the effect of burying your dreams, or not letting them see the light of day.

Here are some particular crystals for special intentions:

Night-Time Explorations

What I especially like about the emails at the beginning of this article is that neither of the writers approached their news stones with fixed ideas. Their thoughts were essentially, "Let's see what happens if I sleep with this stone."

This, in my experience, is the best way to learn from your crystals. It's easy, though, to get distracted, to think, "It's green, so that must mean . . ." or to run to a crystal book or Beyond the Rainbow for a definition.

Definitions have their place, but so, equally, does the intuitive response you have to a crystal. At night, when you're not looking (or even awake) is an ideal time to get to know your special stones.

You may have a very restful sleep; you may have an unusual dream. You will certainly get to know your crystals better, and find that your daytime experiences are enhanced as well.

Enjoy your crystal nights.

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