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Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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While both fire and air lack the solid quality of earth, they are far from identical. Fire rises, seeking to escape the limitations and restrictions of ordinary reality. All fire signs must have the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.

Air travels horizontally, above the earth, but close to it aod often touching it. Air brings things together, making trees dance as it moves through them, raising dust from the earth, creating thermals on which hawks and eagles float.

In the realm of ideas, air is somewhere between the intense idealism and passion of the fire signs and the strictly practical ideas of earth signs. Air people tend to be excellent at formulating theories that are rational and logical. They can be readily applied to everyday life.

Because of its connective quality, air has a strongly social emphasis. Air relates to communication (think of radio waves traveling through the air) and relationships. However, an air sign's focus on relationship is more on social organization--Aquarians, especially may be excellent at formulating ideal societies--than on one-to-one intimate relationships.

One of the main reasons relationships challenge them is that they have difficulty understanding emotions and sensitivity. While their speech may not be sharp and sometimes hurtful, as the fire signs' communications can be, they simply don't see that emotions are part of human makeup. This may weaken their social ideas and it hinders their personal relationships.

Thus, bringing the water element into their lives is important for an air sign's balance. All essences, being composed mostly of water, are particularly helpful here. So are the watery stones: any green stone, such as aventurine, green tourmaline, green calcite (a particularly good one). Aquamarine is also helpful, as it relates to the ocean, representing a kind of oneness that is rich with emotion.

Gemini: The Communicator
May 21-June 20

Gemini in some ways is the ultimate air sign. This sign is mentally quick and agile, covering a great deal of territory in its quest to mentally understand the relationships of various aspects of life.

Geminis also enjoy communicating with others and meeting people. They are among the more engaging people you will ever meet. Due to their wide-ranging interests, they can discuss almost any subject. They also have energy levels that are high enough to be invigorating (as distinct from so high that they feel exhausting.)

They are also refreshing in that they rarely argue or push against obstacles in their path. Like the wind, a Gemini will tend to find ways to go around obstacles, and rather than argue, they'll change the subject.

In the same way, they tend to avoid emotional involvement. They see deep relationships as limiting their ability to roam wherever they choose. This unwillingness to slow down and experience depth in relationships is also reflected in their mental explorations. They are likely to know a lot, but not in depth. Focusing on one or two subjects would again limit their ability to explore new subjects.

Balance for a Gemini means being willing to slow down a little, to savor the richness of each moment, to recognize that life consists of depth as well as breadth. Then their powerful mental abilities can yield them a rich feeling of enduring satisfaction.

The Essential Gemini

The Cerato (Bach) personality strongly resembles that of a Gemini in certain key ways. A Cerato individual wants to learn all they can and understand things reasonably and logically. In order to learn they ask many, many questions.

The main difficulty with this (aside from their ability to sometimes exasperate others) is that this asking is a substitute for listening to the voice of their own intuition. Intuition is much more an emotional than a intellectual sense, and Ceratos share Gemini's mistrust of emotion. This mistrust robs them of an invaluable source of not only knowledge, but guidance.

Taking Cerato helps to attune Ceratos and Geminis to their emotional wisdom. More important, it helps them to learn to trust themselves and seek inner guidance.

Wild Oat (Bach) is another excellent remedy for Geminis. Intended for those who are talented in many areas and can't choose a path on which to focus, it can be very help for the Jack-and-Jill of all trades Gemini.

Crystals for Gemini

I especially like moss agate for Geminis. They will probably be attracted to its intricate patterns, but its real benefit comes from its ability to help to blend the rational and mental aspects of being with more intuitive knowing. The dark green in this stone is grounding, which is also valuable for Gemini.

Tiger's eye, a stone of patience, focus, and grounding, is also helpful for flyaway Geminis.

As the most volatile of the air signs, Geminis need all the grounding they can get. Rhodonite, which grounds the heart in patience, is especially beneficial, while rose quartz opens the heart.

Libra: The Balancer
September 21-October 20

If you know anyone who is rarely NOT in an intimate relationship, it doesn't necessarily mean they are shallow, but it does mean they're likely to be Libra. The chances are good that they are Libran Sun, Moon, or have other strongly Libran elements in their charts.

Libra gets more personal and intimate than the other air signs. Its primary focus is the one-to-one relationship. While an Aries is often happiest alone, a Libran cannot imagine itself not having the connection of a primary relationship. It is through this kind of connection that it learns to know itself.

Libra is generally skilled at dealing and getting along with others, and has an especially developed gift for getting its way by appearing to give in. In some ways this is a more advanced method of the Gemini gift for avoiding obstacles. In fairness to Librans, however, they also prefer a balanced relationship of equals. This sign's symbol is the scales of justice, and Librans value fairness. They are likely to be the peacemakers of the zodiac.

They also appreciate harmony in the form of art, but will reject an artistic creation if its content is too emotional. Like the other air signs, Librans tend to resist emotions, in this case because it upsets their carefully achieved balance. The most important Libran lesson is probably the recognition that without deeply felt emotion, a relationship can become as stale as polluted air. In the course of any relationship there will always be times of imbalance, but the dynamics of emotional understanding and openness will always restore balance.

The Essential Libran

Because of the Libran need to be fair, they may go back and forth to both sides of a situation countless times because they're afraid of making a wrong or unfair choice.

Edward Bach was a notable Libran. As a young man, he knew only that he wanted to help heal people and couldn't decide whether he could best do that as a doctor or a minister. He initially became a doctor and succeeded in all ways in this profession, but became dissatisfied with traditional medicine and gave up his practice. Following his intuition, he discovered a simple method of healing people on the emotional and spiritual level. We know this system as the Bach Flower Remedies.

The Scleranthus flower, one of Bach's early discoveries, helps those who are torn between two, seemingly opposing choices. I feel that it helps to create balance by bringing to the forefront of awareness what one's true desire is. That desire identified, it becomes a matter of deciding which choice will best fulfill it--or if there is another, as yet unidentified choice, that can fully allow the desire to be fulfilled.

Hummingbird (Wild Earth Animal Essences) can help to deepen a Libran's appreciation of beauty. Hummingbirds embody balance, being able to fly in many different directions without loss of grace or beauty. They are also passionate creatures, drinking deeply of the nectar of life, a gift that can deepen a Libran's emotional life.

Libran Crystals

Libra has both a traditional and a magical birth stone, opal and chrysoprase, respectively. Both stones enhance creativity, and thus may develop Libra's artistic tendencies.

Opal brings emotions to the surface. It is thus valuable for those who tend to keep their emotions buried. It is my feeling, though, that not only Librans, but most people are wise to be cautious about the abrupt surfacing of emotions. I prefer Moonstone for a more gentle emotional balancing.

Chrysoprase, however, is an ideal Libran crystal. It relates to the solar plexus, in the middle of the torso, and an area considered one whose balance is essential to the overall balance of one's being. It can encourage greater personal insight and help to clarify challenges, which can aid a Libran in decision making.

Red jasper, a grounding crystal which also connects us to the flowing earth energies, is ideal for a Libran. Its brick-red color has a mildly passionate energy, and it helps in manifestation at a slow, steady rate that allows this sign not to lose its balance.

Libra, though deeply concerned with one-to-one relationships, sometimes needs to have a more open and loving heart. Rose quartz invokes the spirit of love needed to deepen this sign's emotions.

Libra is concerned with balance, and moss agate is a visually appealing balancing crystal for the left and right sides of the brain. It also deepens the connection to nature, which Libra (and all air signs) can find beneficial.

Librans may especially benefit from aventurine, a heart balancer.

Aquarius: Harmony and Understanding?
January 20-February 18

In the late 1960s the Age of Aquarius was regarded as a golden age, in which all social injustices would be rectified, and peace and harmony would triumph. Along with that went the idea that Aquarius was the best sign to be.

This is a good place to re-emphasize that no sign is better than any other. Each has its strengths and weaknesses; all have their place in society and in the cosmos. Ironically, this is one of the lessons Aquarians may need to learn.

It is certainly true that this sign is concerned with social issues. The most individual Aquarian needs to identify with a group of some kind, if not with society as a whole. Aquarians are truly humanitarian in the broadest sense, and issues of social justice are very important to them, and their commitment to needed change is genuine. They are also those least likely to be bound by outmoded beliefs and most likely to be open to new ideas.

Aquarius's problem (which was also the problem of the Sixties) is that it may tend to think it knows what's good for society as a whole. While it holds an abstract love for humanity, it is less loving of individual humans. It is often not a "Live and Let Live" kind of sign, allowing others to be who they are.

Aquarius needs to learn tolerance, to accept diversity, and to love individuals as they are. With this spirit, the Age of Aquarius might indeed be nearly as ideal as prophesized.

The Essential Aquarius

The characteristics of an unbalanced Water Violet (Bach) personality are a close match to the unbalanced Aquarius. L:ike Aquarians, Water Violet people are admirable for their independent thinking, calmness, and self-sufficiency. They also, however, tend to withdraw from those who want to get emotionally involved with them or ask their advice.

They justify this by saying that they solve their own problems and believe that others should do the same. While this viewpoint has validity, they don't see that relating to and learning from others enhances their understanding of the world and themselves.

Taking Water Violet turns no one into a raging extrovert. The balanced Water Violet individual will still prefer solitude, rarely interfere with others' lives, but will be open to more intimate relationships with others.

Aquarians can also benefit from taking Wild Earth Essences such as Dolphin, Elephant, Lion, Wolf, and Zebra. These animals have cooperative, communal existences in which their individuality is enhanced, rather than diminished, by their social lives.

Aquarian CrystalsAmethyst's properties are so universal that most people benefit from it. Sometimes it's assigned to Pisces, but I prefer it as an Aquarian birthstone. As humanitarian and advanced as this sign is, one one of its keywords is "I know." Amethyst teaches us to look beyond the limits of what we know, into the infinite possibilities of wisdom.

Opening the heart is particularly valuable for an Aquarian. Rose quartz is the primary and essential heart opener, teaching the very personal emotion of self-love.

Tiger's eye, among its other characteristics, is a grounding, earthy, and dramatic stone. It provides the warm colors and energy so needed by cool, airy Aquarius.

Smoky quartz, another grounding crystal, helps Aquarians bring some of their lofty ideals to earth. They will also enjoy the speed with which it hastens manifestation. amethyst, rose quartz, tiger's eye, smoky quartz, clear quartz

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