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Accessing New Realities:
The Calcite Family

When we want to grow emotionally and spiritually, we find ourselves in situations similar to that of chickens and butterflies, which can't emerge into larger worlds unless they break out of the shells and cocoons which originally served to protect them.

Our special challenge is that our protective shells and cocoons aren't external, but internal and often invisible. To discover the habits and beliefs that limit us gives us the potential to release them.

Our ability to grow is is further deepened when we begin to explore the possibility that our beliefs about physical reality itself can also be restricting. When we become open to the possibility that the realm of spirit is just as real, our world becomes even larger.

The gifts of expanded awareness and a deepened capacity to integrate different layers of reality are especially vital at the present time. While I don't have fixed opinions about the meaning of the current spiritual climate, I do know that every day I encounter more and more people who want to understand themselves and to be in charge of their lives. They are searching for a feeling of connection, not only with other humans, but with crystals, the animal and plant worlds, and with the world of spirit.

I feel we are all seeking ways to remove the blockages which prevent us from making the transition to a new way of being. The calcite family can be especially helpful with these challenges.

The Calcite Family

One key aspect of calcite is its most common shape, the three-dimensional parallelogram called a rhomboid. A rhomboid has six parallel planes (visualize this as top, bottom, side, side, end, end) all connected to each other).

In spiritual terms rhomboid calcite represents the interconnection and interaction of parallel planes of reality. Thus, in gazing at a calcite, we can see that the world of spirit isn't "up there" and separate from physical existence, that past and future aren't disconnected from the present. We can also appreciate that on the physical plane itself alternative ways of being and doing always exist.

The ability to infuse spiritual understanding into physical reality helps us to have an expanded awareness of the challenges we face, especially the challenges we've more or less given up on, the patterns of thought and behavior which are so seamless that we don't know how to unravel them.

These can include:

The common thread that joins these and other challenges is a persistent problem one cannot seem to solve. It's as if you're breathing the same old recycled air and wondering why you don't feel refreshed and energized.

Persistent People

In the past I often found that I attracted into my life people who were extremely needy and demanding. On the plane of reason and logic, it seemed that if I didn't like people, the best thing to do was to resist their advances and to do my best to get them out of my life. The more I did this, though, the more quickly new needy people appeared.

I began to work with clear calcite. I gazed into it for 10-12 minutes each day, envisioning the top lines as spirit, and the bottom as matter, and imagining my own spiritual and physical levels becoming ever more deeply connected.

I deepened this impression by slowly turning the calcite while continuing to gaze at it. When you do this you can sometimes see rainbows either within the body of the crystal or where the planes meet. This reminded me that when dimensions of reality become integrated life becomes less "black-and-white," and more colored by intuition.

While engaged in this meditation I didn't attempt to force any answer, but stayed receptive to any impressions I received. I found that my deepest insights came about a week after beginning the meditation -- and not while I was meditating.

First I realized that my resistance, in that it gave energy to what I didn't want, attracted needy people. My next insight explained I didn't want them in my life. I saw that in my definition of myself as an independent and self-reliant being, I had for years been resisting my own desires to ask others for help, not so much to be needy, but to be able to need and to trust that someone would help me. Once I was able to have compassion for my own unacknowledged desires I found it much easier to extend that compassion to others.

The key factor in this kind of investigation is to be open to any insights which may come to you, even if at first they make no sense. Remember that conventional reasoning has gotten you nowhere with your particular situation. Understand that you're opening yourself to a different way of viewing it.

The Calcite Rainbow

Clear calcite

This stone (described above) can be placed on any part of the body. It is most commonly associated with the crown chakra (top of the head). Like clear quartz, it is effective for a number of situations.

Other colors of calcite are more specialized.

Green Calcite

This is my own favorite, and I have several pieces of it. Its energy is soft and healing; thus, its soothing qualities can be particularly helpful in releasing limiting beliefs based on fear.

It also helps to releasing mental rigidities, an essential step towards opening ourselves to new beliefs and realities. Mental rigidity often helps to keep physical rigidities, stiffness, and tension, so (although we make no claims for physical healing) people have reported that green calcite was helpful for this.

A third use for green calcite is in situations where there's an excess of red energy. This can be expressed as anger or over-excitement.

Finally, it is believed to be one of the most useful stones when one is going through major transitions.

Green calcite can be used on several areas in a crystal layout. When you're working on releasing old mental patterns, it's best placed on the third eye (above and between the other two; this is also known as the sixth chakra). When you want to release the fear often associated with limiting beliefs place it on the heart center.

To neutralize excessive red energy it can be placed wherever you're experiencing anger or over-stimulation (often the heart or solar plexus). If you're experiencing these sensations in your entire body/psyche place green calcite on the second chakra (the pelvic area, which is traditionally related to the color red).

For ease in transitions, place green calcite wherever you're experiencing the most tension about change. Often this is the solar plexus, but tension can be expressed in other parts of the body.

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite helps to release old and hurtful emotional patterns so that the heart can be open to receive and give unconditional love. It combines the energies of rose quartz and pink tourmaline, nurturing both our love for ourselves and our ability to express love for others.

Pink calcite can be used on any chakra for the purposes of releasing old pain. Those who were sexually abused as children might find it helpful to place it on the second chakra. Those who feel unable to express themselves in loving ways could place it on the throat).

Honey/Golden Calcite

This calcite shares with green calcite the ability to help ease transitions. Its particular role is integrate new energies and beliefs into one's physical reality, i.e., daily life, relationships, business.

This stone relates to the navel/solar plexus area, and helps to assure that the increased personal power we feel as blockages are released to be wisely used.

Blue Calcite: Calming Communication

Like all the calcites, blue calcite helps to release the rigidities that prevent people from being able to see their lives and its challenges from an expanded perspective. Its particular area of focus is the throat center, relating to creativity and communication.

The concept of creativity implies something new, and blue calcite helps to open us up to originality -- whether we are writers, painters, or creating the art known as our lives. This crystal can guide us away from the well-traveled roads onto new pathways.

In the area of communication, it can assist in fostering positive communication between those with opposing views. It helps one to release a rigid point of view and listen to the opinions of others without resistance. Its cooling color also helps people to express their beliefs and opinions calmly, without anger.

In general, this is a calming stone, soothing overworked nerves. Some find it a restful stone that helps in sleep.

A Note on Shapes and Textures

Clear calcite is most commonly found in the rhomboid form described above. Green calcite comes in a variety of shapes. Honey calcite comes in chunks.

Pink calcite is hard to find in rhomboid form, and is most commonly found in chunks which are then tumbled.

This brings me to another important aspect of calcite. This stone is formed in water, and is very soft. I do not recommend dropping it (although it can be safely--if briefly--soaked in salt water for purposes of clearing. I would prefer to rinse it and then smudge it with sage and cedar).

It is a water-born stone, and one which is vulnerable. On a spiritual level, calcite teaches us the importance of allowing new energies to flow through us, and to dare to trust that it's all right for us to crack the shells of old beliefs, and to open ourselves to the expanded beings we've been all along.

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