The Golden Stones:
Self-esteem, Personal Power, and Abundance

When our first chakras are balanced, we feel at home in our physical bodies and in the physical world. When our second chakras are also balanced, we channel the power of emotion to create a feeling of vitality and to initiate the desire to create.

A balanced third chakra adds the energy of thought and focus to those of body and emotion to express and achieve our desires with the use of our personal power and will.

Power and will can easily be both misunderstood and misused. Many of us who are on a spiritual path, when we consider these qualities, think of people who use their power to limit or oppress others. The countless examples of this expression of power make it difficult for us to envision how it can be expressed differently.

The energy of true power doesn't originate with us as individuals, but from a universal source. When we ask, either silently or aloud, for something, cultivate within ourselves a state of receptivity, and imagine ourselves having what we desire, this energy flows through us and makes the experience of attracting that which we desire as enjoyable as receiving it.

When we view power this way, all that matters is our ability to focus on what we desire and to manifest it. This is the function of a smoothly functioning third chakra.

The key to its smooth functioning is one's level of self-esteem. This includes the beliefs that we deserve rewarding and happy lives and that we're capable of creating them. With these beliefs, we are best able to exercise our personal power wisely to create blessings for our lives.

the Way:

amber pendant

Amber doesn't directly address its key functions of self-esteem and powerful manifestation. However, it does address related emotions that can block our ability to manifest.

When we're loving and taking good care of ourselves, we tend not to get overwhelmed by anger and stress. These emotions (and any negative emotion), serve the valuable function of telling us we're blocking our self-esteem and creative powers. Clearing up these emotions is often a necessary first step to wholeness.

Depression is a profound state of disconnection from well-being. When we're depressed, we usually have trouble creating anything but more depression. On the other hand, even a small increase in cheerfulness can open the way to more positive emotions.

Amber is very helpful for depression. It's not actually a crystal, but is fossilized tree resin (not sap, which flows through the branches and leaves). Resin heals various forms of damage to a tree and helps to prolong its life. Holding a piece of amber while meditating and visualizing golden, cheering, enlightening energy flowing through your being is a powerful way to release depression.

golden topaz

Golden Topaz:
Sun Power

In general, topaz helps to balance energy and relieve stress and depression. Thus, it helps to open the way for self-fulfillment.

Its energizing effects also help to dissolve the blockages that encourage procrastination. Hesitatance to act is often related to fear of failure, and topaz's radiance can help to ignite our own inner fire.

The Process
of Realization:

In choosing the crystals for our chakra kit, we thought for some time about selecting a stone for each chakra that would be most broadly useful to those who bought and used it. Our crystal for the third chakra is citrine.

This crystal is most directly connected with helping us to channel creative energy into the realization of our dreams. One of its principal roles is to assist us in processing our beliefs and habits so that we can release those that do not serve us.

For example, a belief such as, "Money slips right out of my hands" or "People who are prosperous aren't good people" will send out vibrational messages that we don't expect to receive abundance or maintain a state of prosperity. Instead, we will receive matches to what we are transmitting. We may find ourselves always getting unexpected bills. We may always see evidence that people who have money aren't good instead of learning about people who use their money generously.

Citrine also helps to balance our expression of personal power. Although gold is a color for the third chakra, it is also an alternate color for the seventh (crown) chakra, which relates to our sense of interconnectedness with All That Is. Working with citrine can help to achieve balance between these chakras, and, hence, between the personal expression of power and the sense that one's actions affect all living beings.


From Thought to
Physical Reality:
Pyrite and Golden Calcite

Another stone that helps us create possibility is pyrite. Pyrite, like calcite and fluorite, is a distinctly geometrically shaped stone. Fluorite is usually either cubical or an octahedron [double pyramid], while calcite is a three-dimensional parallelogram [aka rhomboid.]

Generally, the geometrical crystals are believed to have a relationship to the mind. Calcite, described below, helps us to integrate new ideas and beliefs into physical reality. Fluorite helps to refine and focus these ideas.

Pyrite clusters have precise cubes scattered randomly on its surface. These geological qualities also indicate its most valuable properties. By combining precision and randomness pyrite helps us to blend our creative and intuitive abilities with the powers of logic and reason. The kinds of ideas we get with pyrite are both imaginative and possible to realize in a practical way.

Because pyrite is a bright, shiny crystal it has often in the past been mistaken by inexperienced prospectors for gold; thus, it is often nicknamed, "fool's gold." Although its glitter deceived many prospectors, the more experienced miners knew that where pyrite was found a little more searching could yield gold. In similar fashion, those who work with pyrite find it can lead them to treasure.

Golden calcite plays a complementary role to citrine. Once you've used citrine to help release limiting beliefs that prevent the flow of creating energy, you are ready to integrate new energies, beliefs, and the ideas pyrite may have helped you discover, into your practical reality, i.e., daily life, relationships, business. The crystal that most easily accomplishes this transition is golden calcite.

Like all calcites, it helps us to view our situations from a different plane of reality. Generally, it's difficult to imagine how to integrate new realities while in the perspective of what is. For example, you may have a new idea for increasing your income, but find yourself thinking of what hasn't worked in the past.

Instead, meditate with a golden calcite. (I find that a sphere is especially nice for this.) Ask your inner being (a word for the nonphysical part of yourself that is connected to infinite intelligence) how to allow this new possibility into physical reality. Since your inner being shares none of the limitations you may feel about change, it can -- if you are receptive -- help to make your view of reality become more flexible and adaptable.

tigereye pyramid

Timing: Tiger's Eye

So far, I've described amber for helping to clear out negative emotions, citrine for processing and releasing limiting beliefs and fostering self-esteem, pyrite for creating new possibilities, and golden calcite for integrating these possibilities into physical reality. Two more crystals remain to complete the process: tiger's eye and rutilated quartz.

In thinking about the characteristics of tiger's eye, I always imagine the behavior of a stalking cats. If you are yourself owned by feline companions (and I know many of you are) you will be familiar with their pattern of absolute stillness, a slow, delicate approach, and the speed-of light pounce. I'm not suggesting you follow this precise pattern in pursuing the manifesting of your goals. The key is timing.

Cats are patient beings. Because they aren't burdened with feelings of inadequacy ("I've got to accomplish this so I can feel good about myself") or looking good to others, they can take the time to analyze a situation and choose the best moment to leap. With the help of tiger's eye, one who has self-confidence, has chosen an appropriate goal, and has, through the gift of imagination brought it close to creation, finds that, with appropriate timing, the realization of one's dreams is almost effortless.

A particularly nice way to partner with tiger's eye is to hold it and move it back and forth. In so doing you may come to appreciate this crystal's message: that the physical plane has been designed as a playground where our spirits can materialize our dreams easily and joyfully as a cat changes the appearance of its eyes.

Pounce Power:
Rutilated Quartz

rutilated pyramid

Rutilated quartz, a clear or smoky crystal shot through with small golden needles of the mineral rutile, blends the personal power of the third chakra with the infinite spiritual energy of the seventh. (Clear quartz is connected to the seventh chakra, and because smoky quartz is the lightest of the dark stones, and because its energy is so light, is also connected to this chakra.)

Rutile adds a high-energy dimension, making this an excellent stone to program for your goals for faster manifestation. It is especially effective for those who want, through the realization of their personal dreams, to make a difference in the world. The crown-third chakra connection helps one to consciously focus on the spiritual implications of their goals. This connection can be deepened by placing rutilated quartz at the crown chakra.

Flower Partners

Larch (Bach) helps us to dissolve limiting self-images and to remove the phrase, "I can't," from our vocabularies. Its energies help us to realize our talents and capabilities, thus fostering self-esteem.

Those who automatically stray off their own path to go to the assistance of others (described by Dr. Bach as slaves rather than willing helpers) benefit from Centaury (Bach). This remedy enables one to be giving within the strength of one's inner identity.

Negative Vine (Bach) behavior exhibits the kind of abuse which gives power a bad name. This remedy teaches one to lead by example, not by coercion.

Star Thistle (FES) allows us to feel secure that we are the source of abundance, rather than needing to rely on external evidence of security.

The cheetah is the fastest feline around, known for electrifying runs of up to seventy miles an hour. The Cheetah Wild Earth Animal Essences is the best solution I know to dissolve procrastination and foster the accomplishment of goals in timely ways. Remember also that Cheetah can't keep up that pace indefinitely and, like all cats, knows when to rest.

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